Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Celebration Card


Posted on 5th May 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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941 Beec7 0 Fa8 4 Acd A4 F0 B234 E5239 C6 E

I designed and cut the elements to this card using Cricut Design Space and the Cricut Explore Air 2. There was a specific image on design space to make the flags, but this was a purchase item, so I set about creating my own using various shapes and the slice and weld tools. This is a more advanced use of the Cricut Design Space, but it’s fun once you get the hang of it and I hope to encourage you to give it a go. I have linked in the different card used for this creation, but for easy reference, here’s the list:

Main Card Base

    • Christmas Red Plain Card 240gsm
    • White Plain Card 250gsm
    • Navy Plain Card 240gsm


    • Red Glitter Card 220gsm
    • Iridescent White Glitter Card 220gsm
    • Blue Glitter Card 220gsm


    • Red Fever Sirio Pearl Double Sided Card 300gsm
    • Ice White Sirio Pearl Double Sided Card 300gsm
    • Silver Sirio Pearl Double Sided Card 300gsm
    • Purple Rain Cocktail Double Sided Pearlised Card 290gsm

8 Fb8 E5 C6 96 Da 47 E7 9 C5 F 5 Eff4404 Ad3 B

The image ID for the flag is #M383B2EED and if you choose to purchase this, you will only be charged one fee no matter how many duplicates you have. It’s worth remembering that the cost of this can change, and can vary considerably depending on the demand at the time, so keep an eye on that.

If you want to try creating your own flag shape, have a look at the images below as a guide.

De55761 C 22 C8 45 Ff 9 D75 3 E0 D16 E3732 F

C0 B44 Ae9 Ab75 47 Db 894 C B04 F94056 Dd6

Once you have a finished flag design, these can be duplicated to create the small glittery flags. The small flags on my card are approximately 1.70” x 1.75”.

8137 D4 E6 49 C7 40 Fc B40 E 95 Be829 Fdcd6

You can also use the layers of the small flag to slice into larger rectangle shapes to build the layered card base. I used an A5 Christmas Red Plain Card Blank and layered a sliced white panel, size 5.6” x 8.1” and a sliced navy blue panel, size 5.4” x 7.9”.

6952 D5 F1 76 Cc 4618 9 Df5 71 Aa3173718 F

I used Learning Curve font for the ‘1952’ and ‘2022’ because this has a pre-installed background, if you open the layers panel you can unhide this layer. Finally, I used Banner Com font for the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ text. After ungrouping the letters, click the contour tool and unselect the outline to create a solid font, line up the letters and click weld to create one image shape. I personally used a more basic font for the ‘I I’ and lined it up with the rest of the image and welded it together.

Ba45 A187 Eddb 4 Add 8534 63 Fb48 B4 Fe3 F

E5 D9 Fb5 A 1 Fcc 41 D8 Ae2 C F7 Fc7 B508575

I then used Cindy Loo font for the ‘70’ and also ‘Platinum Jubilee’ because it has two layers with little gem-style cutouts on the top layer. On the Platinum Jubilee wording I removed the small circle shapes using the contour tool.

9 F82 Cb67 991 D 4085 A91 D 9 C66 A9 B7 F6 D4

The next task was to give the large ‘70’ a crown, so I used image ID’s #M3EC48 and #M26F75679. Using the second crown image, I lined it up with background layer of the 0 and welded together. I then only used the small front layer of the first image (deleted the back layer) over the top of the 0.

282 Bef06 7 B89 49 D3 A579 47727884 Bced

When you are ready to cut, click Make It and follow the on screen instructions to finish the cuts. Remembering, mat colours correspond to your card colours, it’s a good idea to use a slightly off shade for each colour to help you split the glitter and shimmer from the plain card elements.

941 Beec7 0 Fa8 4 Acd A4 F0 B234 E5239 C6 E

Cb3 E4 E3 C 05 Bd 43 C3 Aa0 B 29 E57 Dc3 B275


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