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PRO-DESIGN®- Production on One Machine to give you consistent quality and worry-free printing.

What’s the biggest headache for printing professionals? Inconsistent paper quality. It makes your dream project a nightmare, wasting time and money and risking a hard-won customer relationship.

For a perfect project choose PRO-DESIGN®. A top shelf product developed for high-quality colour applications, PRO-DESIGN® has brought The True Power of Design to printing professionals for over fifteen years. ColorLok® optimisation now gives excellent results with both laser and high-speed inkjet sheet-fed printers.

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One Mill

PRO-DESIGN® is produced at the International Paper Facility in Saillat, France, Europe’s only fully integrated production line for Value Added Grade (VAG) papers.

One Laboratory

Every PRO-DESIGN® production run is tested at the same facility: Saillat Mill’s state-of-the-art paper lab. After product specifications are verified, a test print evaluates ink density, dot grain, dot slur colour-to-colour bleed, achievable colour gamut, ink holdout and print mottle. This rigorous protocol guarantees that printed images will consistently meet user expectations.

One Fibre Source

Consistency starts with raw materials. The entire PRO-DESIGN® range is manufactured using the same fibre source and refining process.

One Quality Culture

The paper machine operators, lab personnel, engineering staff and maintenance crew all share a common quality control culture and understand the end users needs. Expertise is shared and processes are standardised, ensuring uniform quality management and guaranteeing certification.

One Paper Machine

Because every paper machine has unique mechanical characteristics that determine a paper’s specifications, it is impossible to manufacture a product that is 100% consistent using multiple machines. That’s why the full PRO-DESIGN® range is manufactured on a single, specially designed, world-class machine. Moreover, constant upgrades, for example with ColorLok® technology, ensure that PRO-DESIGN® continues to meet the evolving needs of the ends users.

One Chemistry

The same chemical additives- filler, surface starch, sizing agent, ect. – are used in the same proportions across the entire range of PRO-DESIGN® basis weights.

One Full Portfolio

Saillat Mill operates Europe’s only paper machine that can produce basis weights from 90 up to 350 gsm for value-added grades. Heavy grammages are particularly challenging and demand extraordinary expertise. Since 2004 the team has progressively added heavier weights, achieving 350gsm in 2015. Maintaining consistency across this wide range requires a high degree of control over all parameters.

Source- International Paper

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