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Posted on 21st March 2014 by Hilary
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design team call papermilldirect

Papermilldirect is looking for a new design team member! Please spread the word!

That's right! We need another designer / card maker /scrapbooker or wedding stationer to join our Papermilldirect team.  We will send you all the card and paper you need for free to create weekly projects plus all of our special offer card samples.   It's a great time to join as we are on the cusp of launching our new website! We ask our designers for a creative project each week made with our card and shared to your blog with details of the card and paper used and a link back to our website.  The DT application is only open to bloggers - however we may consider you application if you do not blog but have an active Facebook Page where you share your work on a regular basis. We share your work to our 30,000 strong newsletter and our huge online community of crafters on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter - so it's a great opportunity to raise your profile within the paper craft world. We're also very flexible so if you can't manage a project for us, for whatever reason we totally understand - life can get busy! We also ask our design team to contribute to our blog with one post per month - a tutorial showing how you have used our card and paper and any interesting techniques and tools you can share with our community.

papermill direct design team collageRecent designs from our team - great photography skills are a must!

Here are a few comments from our current design team on why you should apply! You'll get to hang out with these lovely team members in our private Facebook group too! Ruth Hamilton Cards I have been part of the Papermill DT family since it was formed. Every few weeks the new offer card is delivered and it's fun to create with quality! I used Papermill card for many years before becoming a team member so this is the icing on the cake. We all have quiet different styles and it's always exciting to see what the others make from the same package. If you are creative and love working with top quality card make sure you apply for a place on the team. Lisa Sumpter I joined the Papermill Direct DT this past October and can honestly say that I'm glad that I plucked up the courage to write my application post and link it up at the Papermill Blog. The rest of the design team ladies are lovely and full of encouragement and of course I get to make pretty things with Papermill card which is always a pleasure. So if you're thinking about applying to be on the team but are talking yourself out of it for whatever reason, all I'd say is you'll never know if you could be the next to join the team unless you try!  Barbara Daines I've been on the Papermill DT since the very beginning, and still enjoy it as much now as I did then. It's so exciting when the new stock comes through the letterbox, and I get to see what I'll be working on for the next few weeks. It also makes me actually produce something, rather than just mess round in my craft room, wasting time. Don't hesitate in applying to be on the DT.......we don't 'bite' Sylvia Ames  - I joined the team last October and am really enjoying working with the Papermill Team who are all very supportive and friendly. I look forward to receiving my card pack each month and planning what I will make with its contents, always fabulous cardstock and some amazing colours. Don't hesitate to enter if you are interested, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.

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3 thoughts on “Design Team Call - Join our papercrafts team!”

Val Shields

21st March 2014 at 8:47 pm

I would love to join your design team. I love ‘playing’ with my card stock and developing new designs and styles. I love all kinds of crafts and incorporate these into my card making, I also like making paper models and use a lot of card in this manor.  However I am not a regular user of Facebook, twitter or the like, although I do have accounts. However I am interested in using these more. I have made cards for ‘Kameo Crafts’ who changed their name to ‘Amethyst’.  Unfortunately the young couple who owned that company gave up due to the pleasure they were under at that time.  This was a great loss as their ideas were first in the fantasy trend that came out. However I now work for ‘Peerless Designs’  where Sarah says that I really should look onto the links - especially her blog… So yes I am going to look into this and have my own blog soon.

Some of my cards can be viewed on the ‘Do Crafts web site under Val Shields.  I put these on there quite a while back but they do show a variety.  If you chose me as a member of your team I would only be too happy to make cards, models , boxes or any other thing that you may want to display how versatile card and paper stock can be. As I said I love to ‘play’.
Regards Val Shields

nicola baddeley

24th March 2014 at 7:22 pm

hi guys i started making cards last summer and im still new to this but am loving the whole card making world and of course i love paper .this opportunity would be fab and id like too make beautiful stunning cards for you ..... if you,ll have me that is im very creative and this would be my dream job

Janet Babar

3rd April 2014 at 11:22 pm

It would be a dream come true if I made it onto the Papermil Direct DT
not only do I live in Kendal and have always used your card.

I have sent you a proper application which I submited earlier today but as I am on holiday in Mexico I am unsure if it was sent as the connection here is rubbish.
So if you receive both my apologies.
Janet x

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