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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to embrace the tradition of crafting and create something unique for your loved ones. So, as lovers of all things crafty, we’re going to take you on a journey through the history of Valentine’s Day crafts and give you a range of crafting options!

Crafting isn’t just a creative exercise but also an eco-friendly, cost-effective gesture that turns your love into something tangible. Beyond the fresh roses and expensive chocolates, lay your feelings bare this Valentine’s with a memorable keepsake that speaks volumes about your deep thoughts and effort.

The Fascinating History of Valentine’s Day Crafts

Did you know that Valentine’s Day has a history of handmade crafts and paper gifts dating back hundreds of years? Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, people used to exchange “puzzle purses” - intricate folds of paper that were popular as Valentine’s gifts in England and the United States.

However, the day itself has been associated with love and romance since the Middle Ages, when people believed that it marked the beginning of the birds’ mating season. As time went on, the Industrial Revolution brought about significant changes, making it easier to create and print Valentine’s Day cards. In fact, in 1879, George C. Whitney introduced printing presses and paper supplies to reduce costs and make Valentine’s Day cards more accessible. This led to the creation of the cards featuring hearts and other love-themed designs that we’re familiar with today.

Valentine’s Day has a long and beautiful tradition of homemade creativity and sentimentality. It’s all about expressing your love in a unique and personal way, whether that’s through handmade crafts or heartfelt messages.

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Why Craft Valentine’s Day Gifts Instead of Purchasing?

With the history in mind, why not get creative this Valentine’s Day and craft your way into their hearts? There are many reasons to say no to consumerism and hello to your artistic side with help from our art and craft supplies.

Expresses Deep Thought and Effort

Crafting a personal Valentine’s Day gift delivers a message that runs deeper than any shop-bought item. It shouts effort, care, and understanding. Every cut, every fold, and every stitch is a testament to your dedication!


Getting crafty rather than splashing out on expensive store-bought items means you invest time and creativity, resulting in uniquely charming gifts. Also, the cost of paper craft supplies is generally lower than other gifts, which means you can balance your budget while delivering heartfelt sentiments!


Crafting Valentine’s Day gifts at home also gives a nod towards environmental responsibility. Unlike mass-produced items with heavy carbon footprints, DIY crafts have minimal ecological impact, not to mention the reduction of excessive packaging, a significant contributor to landfills.

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Memorable Keepsake

Handmade Valentine’s Day crafts transform into timeless keepsakes. A heartfelt craft is much more meaningful than a store-bought gift as it represents emotions felt at a particular time. Unlike commercial items that lose relevance over time, a handcrafted gift remains, representing an everlasting and tangible reminder of your love.

Creativity and Skills

As well as the environmental benefits and many reasons your loved one will appreciate your handcrafted gift, creating a present for Valentine’s Day also offers a platform for creativity and skill development. The crafting process allows you to explore different techniques, refine abilities, and unleash talent!

Valentines Crafts Tutorials

So, without further ado, let’s get crafting! We’ve been searching to find you some beautiful Valentine’s crafts ideas for you to make up for loved ones and relations or even decorate the house. As we’ve mentioned, everyone loves to receive something special on Valentine’s Day, and if it’s handmade, it makes it extra special; we think all these paper hearts and pink and red treats would make sweet Valentine’s Day decorations.

Hanging Paper Hearts

Paper hearts tutorial cover

This Hanging Paper Hearts craft involves creating delightful paper hearts, an apt symbol of Valentine’s Day. The project uses variously patterned and sized paper strips held together by brads to form enchanting heart shapes. With its simplicity and beauty, it makes a perfect gift. Its vivid colours and patterns allow for a personalised touch, making it an ideal keepsake.

Hanging Paper Heart Wreath

Hanging paper heart wreath tutorial cover

This Hanging Paper Heart Wreath craft is a charming gift created from patterned paper strips, folded into heart shapes then glued together, and finally adorned with a stylish ribbon for hanging. Easy to make and requiring simple supplies, it’s an excellent Valentine’s Day gift offering a personal touch with different colours and patterns.

Simple Paper Heart

Folded paper heart tutorial image

This Simple Paper Heart craft is a nostalgic paper heart note-fold that harks back to sweet classroom memories. Instead of a digital message, this handcrafted, personalised note adds a, traditional touch to your Valentine’s Day message. It’s not just a note, but a crafty expression of love, that exhibits the thought and effort you’ve put into your gift.

Get Crafting with Papermill Direct

So, are you full of inspiration and now in search of the perfect supplies for your Valentine’s Day crafts? At Papermill, we’ve got everything you need to make your projects stand out, from red and pink coloured card to luxury envelopes that can be SWAK (that’s sealed with a kiss, for those who were too shy to send a Valentine’s Day card in school).

But that’s not all; as well as the crafts we’ve explored today, we also have plenty of other Valentine’s Day crafts on our blog for you to try out.

So why wait? Start transforming your creative ideas into beautiful, handmade realities today!

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