Organising Embossing Folder Designs and Techniques


Posted on 13th March 2018 by Sylvia Ames
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Embossing Folder Organiser Tag Book 9

Hello, Sylvia here. I have been cataloguing my embossing folders, noting the make and name of each and also making a tag book of embossed designs and trying out different techniques as I did so.

When I want to use an embossing folder in my cardmaking I take far too much time looking through my box of folders to find a suitable pattern. Having the embossed images to flip through will help with the creative process and I can go straight to the folder I need.

Embossing Folder Organiser Tag Book

Materials used:

Embossing Folder Organiser Tag Book 1

Tags were die cut from a selection of coloured, textured and plain card, papermilldirect 255gsm up to 300gsm card is ideal for embossing.

Embossing Folder Organiser Tag Book 2

The same amount of smaller tags were cut from thinner card for noting the make and name of the folder for reference.  I typed and printed the information but you can write it onto the tags once they are cut out.

Embossing Folder Organiser Tag Book 3

Working through my folders each tag was embossed, trying out different techniques like letterpress and heat embossing, a few were left untouched and others were coloured using different techniques.

Embossing Folder Organiser Tag Book 6

The tags were fastened together with a large jump ring.  I wanted a cover for my tag book so cut a back and front from mount board.  These were decorated with embossed inchies, coloured with distress inks and a book plate was added to the front.

Embossing Folder Organiser Tag Book 8

Here are some of the techniques I used, if you would like me to do a tutorial for any of them leave me a comment below.

  • letterpress technique
  • foiling or glittering on embossing
  • heat embossing
  • white pigment ink or treasure gold on dark card
  • double emboss

Sylv xx

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1 thought on “Organising Embossing Folder Designs and Techniques”

Liz Cavill

29th March 2018 at 9:24 pm

I've organised my embossing folder in a similar way to this and it saves so much time. I number each tag, with the same number on the corresponding embossing folder, then store the embossing folders in numerical order to make it really quick and easy to locate the embossing folder I need. Here's a link to my blog post which explains it more clearly.

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