Moving House Card - So Many Boxes!


Posted on 24th August 2022 by Nicole Mullen
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I don't often do cards with elaborate scenes on them. This card was a special request by a friend. Papermilldirect card made it easy to oblige! On this card I used:

I had instructions to make this kitsch and funny, and involve food and humor, along with the couples interests on the card. This is obviously a lot to fit on a card, so I decided on the moving boxes, that could be labeled with interests, and humor. I added in kitsch elements with the cactus, OTT lamp and rug. Donuts were scattered around the place too - because why not?

Nm New Home Card 2

I had seen this sentiment before on a wall hanging and thought it very appropriate, so just had to use it! I printed it on my computer to add on. There is no problem printing on Papermilldirect card at all.

Nm New Home Card 3

Overall the card is totally over the top, took ages and used many, many colours of card. Would I make one again? Not in a hurry! But I did enjoy making it and I heard that the couple who received it really loved it, so I think I hit all the elements on the head. Having so many colours to choose from really helped!

Nm New Home Card 1


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