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Scissors Paper And Lace

Our wedding stationery business advice series has been very popular and we regularly receive emails asking for any help and tips for crafters to make the leap into setting up a stationery business for themselves. We thought you'd all be interested to hear from people who have made that leap and set up a full or part time wedding stationery business.  

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This week we meet wedding stationer Victoria Elia of Scissors, Paper and Lace

1.             How and when did you start making wedding stationery? 

I have always been quite creative (I have my late mum to thank for that) and always made cards for the family when they had a special event. It wasn’t until 2008 when I was getting married that I decided to make our own wedding invitations and I had some very positive feedback from family and friends who said that I should look into doing it professionally. I worked in London full time so it started as a hobby but after 2 children, my dad passing away and my mum having a stroke I had no choice but to give my job up. It was then that I decided making stationery for people’s special occasions was not only therapeutic and gave me a good feeling that I was being part of something special but I could actually turn a hobby into something more credible.

Wedding Stationery Peony

2.             What have you found most challenging about running the business so far?

I think the most challenging part of running my business so far has been getting myself ‘out there’. I found it incredibly challenging in the beginning to try and get some clients. Obviously, when you first start out there isn’t really any funds for advertising campaigns and wedding fairs can be pretty expensive. I was determined not to give up and eventually you find a snowball effect where clients recommend you to other clients and before you know it you need an extra pair of hands!

3.         Where do you take inspiration for your designs?

I try to look at the different season’s trends and form an idea of what I want to achieve in my mind. I think having a creative mind definitely helps!


Handmade Wedding Stationery

4.             Do you have a favourite style/trend at the moment?

I do love a bit of laser cutting. These are really popular with clients at the moment as they’re a little bit different, but all in all, you cannot beat a really well-designed pocketfold. They definitely are a top choice overall with many couples I see as they hold so much information.


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5.             What tips would you give to a couple planning on making their own wedding stationery 

Don’t rush anything! A well-made invitation takes time… sometimes a lot of time! Using quality card/paper and products is a must and make sure you have a guillotine; there is nothing worse than having an invite that looks like it has been handmade badly. Finally, enjoy what you are doing, if you love making them you will put more time and effort. Your invites are the first preview of your wedding day so ‘wow’ your guests from the beginning.  

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