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Lasercut Wedding Stationery Designs

This week we meet handmade wedding stationer Mandy Bateman of Todaisy’s Wedding Stationery

Our wedding stationery business advice series has been very popular and we regularly receive emails asking for any help and tips for crafters to make the leap into setting up a stationery business for themselves. 

Rustic Handmade Wedding Stationery

We thought you'd all be interested to hear from people who have made that leap and set up a full or part time wedding stationery business.  If you have a stationery business selling handmade wedding invitations and you would like to be featured simply complete this form - Apply to be a featured weddingstationer

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Wedding Fayre Stand Idea

Mandy Bateman - Todaisy's Wedding Stationery

Mandy makes beautiful, traditional handmade wedding stationery, read her inspiring story about setting up her business and she also has some great advice for any couples looking to make their own stationery, or why not give her a call if you like her pretty designs and you're looking for something unique and handmade.

We asked Mandy why she uses Papermilldirect card and paper for her designs and we were very pleased with her response!

"Your products are not only excellent value for money but also top quality with a wide range of colours/products"

Handmade Wedding Stationery Rustic

Hi Mandy! So how and when did you start making wedding stationery?

I have always been crafty – knitting from the age of 3! And I got into papercrafting via my Aunt.  I started to make my children’s birthday invitations, Christmas & Birthday cards etc just as a hobby. Then, I reached a bleak time in my life when my son died aged 11 from a brain tumour.  I simply had to do something for him  that kept me occupied and determined to get through the days – so I designed and handcrafted 400 Order of Service for his funeral.  It really was a labour of love – since then I have continued to papercraft and make things for fundraising events. Over the years I have been asked to officially make invitations, Order of Service etc and Todaisy’s was officially launched in January 2015! It is my escape and  I pour my heart and soul into creating Wedding Stationery,  made with love.

Traditional Handmade Wedding Stationery Designer Guest Book

What have you found most challenging about running a wedding stationery business so far?

I think the most challenging thing about running my own business is like most things – Time! I have a very full, family life and also a very full Todaisy’s life – work life balance is very important to me, but so is Customer Service.  I have a 30 year background in Customer Service and my customers will always come first. I have couples who come to me with 2 weeks to go before their weddings wanting place names and table plans. I just drop everything and work into the wee hours so it doesn’t compromise any of my other orders. It’s worth it just to see their faces though!  I am very fortunate to have a wonderful husband who brings me endless cups of tea and food into my craft room, just to keep me going!

Handmade Wedding Invitations With Ribbons

Where do you take inspiration for your designs?

My Inspiration can come from many places – often it is the couples themselves who have an idea but want it tweaked in some way and a new design is born and unique to them. Sometimes it’s the products I use, I see something and think, I must do something with that.  I have literally laid in bed and something has popped into my head for me to try. There are so many new trends out there, I just try and think of a way that I can make it unique to me.

Confetti Cones Handmade Wedding Stationery Idea

Wedding Stationery Table Planner Handmade

Do you have a favourite wedding stationery style or trend at the moment?

I am a little bit of a traditionalist, so my preferred style is the whites and ivories with lace, pearls and diamantes.  I really love the bling and love working with embellishments.  I’ve had a lot of customers who have loved the glitter papers and card – so I’ve really enjoyed working with those.  I also really like the laser cut styles – there’s so much that you can do with them by keeping it simple or blinging them up!

Laser Cut Wedding Stationery

What tips would you give to a couple planning on making their own wedding stationery? 

My advice to anyone trying to make their own stationery is to sit and think about the information you need to supply your guests.  Do you need to provide menu choices, venue details as well as perhaps include an RSVP.  The information you need to include will steer the type of invitation style i.e pocket fold etc Although there are a number of ways you can include inserts. Then, keep it simple – less is more and the use of a nice font and perhaps a different colour ink can work wonders and create something really lovely. The most important thing though, is give yourself plenty of time – sourcing materials as well as the actual handcrafting takes an enormous amount of time during what can already be a really stressful time!

We hope you have enjoyed hearing from Mandy about her lovely business, do get in touch with her if you are interested in her services over at

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