Make your own Father Christmas Gift Tags


Posted on 19th November 2018 by Ruby Tague
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Easy DIY Father Christmas Gift Tags

Follow the step by step guide to making your own cute santa tags!

What you will need:


Gather together all the components you need for this project.
3 red circles, (post-box red)
6 pink circles (baby pink)
6 white circles, embossed (white hammered)
3 strips of card cut with fancy scissors (white hammered)
6 pink noses and 12 small white pieces for 'tache'
Tiny amounts of black card, if not using googly eyes
Ribbon, twine, string for the tie
6 small white pom-poms...these are widely available at Christmas from The Works/Poundland/Hobbycraft etc

NB. - You can use a die-cutting machine, or hand cut each part

1. Cut the top and bottom off each red circle (not quite half), to make 6 hats



P1570247 ( Copy)

P1570248 ( Copy)

P1570249 ( Copy)

P1570250 ( Copy)

P1570263 ( Copy)

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21st November 2014 at 2:07 p.m.

These are really cute. Thanks for sharing. Hugz

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