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Posted on 15th July 2018 by Jennifer Squire
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This can be made using a die cutter or a scalpel and mat.

You will need for one toucan:

Background card:

Leaves: Papermilldirect Apple green card plain 240gsm

Papermilldirect Dark green plain card 240gsm

Log: Papermilldirect mocha brown plain card 240gsm

Gold border: Papermilldirect Amber Lustre Print Card 300gsm

Toucan 2

First of all I did a sketch of my toucan.

Toucan 3

Then I drew out the individual parts of the toucan. I got the tracing paper and traced out the parts from the original drawing, I then put these on to paper. You can print this image off and trace the individual parts on to the card and cut out as you go.

Toucan 4

You get your black card and trace out on to the black card the main body of the toucan, the three wing feathers, the three black beak ends and the black beak bit near the face. You then cut these out using a scalpel.

Toucan 5

Once you have done all of your black parts you can move on to the rest of the toucan. Using the blue card you can trace out and cut out the feet. Then using the same card cut out the smaller circle in the middle of the diagram 3, this will be one of the eye parts. Using the orange card you can then trace and cut out the largest circle for the eye. With the yellow card you cut out the largest part of the beak and then using the red cut out the lower part. On the diagram you can see it is above the larger part of the beak. With the white card you can trace and cut out the chest part. There you have all of your toucan components.

Toucan 6

First of all you stick on the white chest part. The images best show positioning of your toucan parts.

Toucan 7

Then you stick on the lower red beak

Toucan 8

Then you stick on the top yellow beak.

Toucan 9

Then you stick on top of the beak the black part near the face.

Toucan 10

Then you line up and stick on the big orange part of the eye. You want it to be flush to the beak.

Toucan 11

You then get your blue eye and stick that on top of the orange eye. I have then cut out a black circle which is 3mm wide or you could use a fine black artist pen and do a dot.

Toucan 12

Then you stick on the black end to the beak, placing it on the yellow part of the beak and sticking. I cut out three black pieces to give you some choices of which black bit you preferred.

Toucan 13

You then get your largest feather and stick that on. You want the outer edge of the big feather to be in line with the bird, but you can do it anyway you prefer.

Toucan 14

Get the smallest sized feather and stick that on top of the largest feather. You are aiming for the middle of the large feather but the image best shows placing.

Toucan 15

Then you stick on your final feather. Lining the top of the feather with the top of the body.

Toucan 16

And there you have you completed toucan!

Toucan 17

I then repeated the process but flipped the other way, also giving them two logs to stand on. You can find the log design on the bottom of the diagram of picture 3 . You can play around with backgrounds and greetings. I hope you all have tropical day.

Cover Toucan New

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Anne Llewellyn

15th July 2018 at 2:04 pm

I love looking for ideas, there a lots on this site. Papermill direct produces great card. I've been using it for many years.

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