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Posted on 15th August 2016 by STACEY BONE
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Hello everyone, 

It's Stacey and for my first blog post as the new Papermilldirect designer I thought I would create some raspberry goodness for you all. I'm currently experimenting with new flower shapes and to create this design I've used raspberry pink plain card, weight 240 gsm 

One of the great features about using this card weight is its robustness. I use scissors to curl each petal; running the blade along from the bottom of each petal to the tip while applying a small amount of pressure. The card withstood the pressure without tearing and kept its new form perfectly.


Each flower is made up of three sheets of card and 16 different sized layers. I added a dollop of Mod Podge to the middle of each layer and stacked them one at a time. With every stack I rotated the petals. No glue is required to keep the petals in place/shape. If you curl all your petals first before gluing together the card is strong enough to withhold its new form. A great technique while stacking up your layers is to cup each layer with your hand, again apply a small amount of pressure when doing so. This will remove any pointy corners which may be sticking out.

 Building up your flower layers

You can create many different flowers by stacking layers together, it's all about experimenting with different shaped petals. 

Happy crafting,

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