How to Make Mini Gift Boxes - A simple Tutorial


Posted on 24th August 2014 by Angela Dodson
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Hello, it’s Angela again and this time I thought I’d share a simple way to create inexpensive gift boxes to present small items such as mini bars of soap, sweets or other small gifts. You can make 2 small gift boxes from one A4 sheet.

Soap 1 Watermarked

Take a piece of A4 Papermill Card, and cut to measure 8” x 9”. Then cut down the 8” to give 2 pieces measuring 4” x 9” each as shown in Pic 1

1 Box

Take one 4” x 9” piece of card and score at 1”, 4”, 5” and 8” all as shown in Pic 2.

2 Box

3 Box

Use a bone folder to smooth down all the score lines and then you need to cut into the little squares that have formed, these will create your tabs for folding into your box, so you may wish to cut a notch slightly so they will sit nicely.  (You should have 6 tabs in total) pop a small piece of double sided tape onto each small square and start to fold the tabs inwards.  You can see I have assembled the bottom of the box in Pic 4 by folding in and sticking 4 of the 6 tabs.

4 Box

Just before sticking the last 2 tabs I thought it would be good to add a little thumb notch section to help open the box.  I used a circle punch for this and carefully lined it up to give a half circle cut in what will be the lid section of the box.  See Pic 5. (I have made boxes without the half circle and they open well so this is purely optional and can be skipped if you prefer)

5 Box

Fold in and stick the final top 2 tabs and there you have your little box and lid, all in one – Pic 6.

6 Box

7 Box

8 Box

The next step is optional.  I wanted to put some little soaps into my gift boxes and thought it would be nice if they were slightly raised up.  So I used a 4” length of my left over previously punched doily border and scored it at 1” and 3” all as per Pic 9

9 Box

I added a small piece of 3D foam to the top back of both scored sections and stuck this into place inside the box all as shown in pic 10 (this just adds a little ramp to help display items at an angle.  Of course you can skip this step and use tissue paper to wrap your gifts if you prefer)

10 Box

11 Box

As each A4 sheet makes 2 boxes, it makes sense to make these in pairs.  Here are my finished boxes all ready to give.

Soap 3 Watermarked

Materials List:

Papermill Ultra White Card Pearlised

Papermill 'Sky Blue' Card

Papermill 'Baby Pink' Card

Papermill 'Spring Green' Card

Martha Stewart 'Doily Lace' border punch

Creative Expressions Sue Wilson 'Faux Quilled Blooms' die set

Tag and sentiment dies, faux cleam gem,

These boxes are simple, inexpensive and fun to make, why not make a batch of plain ones so you always have some ‘blanks’ in stock.  You could even just cut and score them and leave them flat for storage.  I chose to make these in white pearlised card to go with my soaps, but they would make fun gifts for Halloween in black and / or orange and decorated with spiders and pumpkins for trick or treat sweeties, or in festive colours and decorated with snowflakes to pop on the tree? Or how about Wedding Favour boxes?   You could even give them to your children to decorate and see what designs they come up with.  I would love to see your designs too.



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