How to make a lobster fathers day card!


Posted on 11th June 2018 by Jennifer Squire
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As we are fast approaching fathers day I thought I had better show you how to make a simple lobster fathers day card that can be done with a scalpel or a die cutter.

You will need:

  • Scalpel
  • Cutting mat
  • Fine nibbed glue pen
  • Tracing paper

Card for lobsters:

Card for lettering and background:

Image 1 Lob

First of all I did a sketch of my lobsters. You can use my scale rule at the side to ensure everything is the right size when printing off your lobster design.

Image 2 Lob

To start we will work on the big lobster. From my sketch I traced on to paper all of the different components that make up the lobster. Doing the same as the previous sketch you can print off the image or trace out the different parts yourself from the original sketch.

Image 3 Lob

You then repeat this process for the smaller lobster. I do these separate parts on to paper to be scanned into a die cutter but if you are using a scalpel you can trace directly onto your red card.

Image 4 Lob

You then cut out all of your different parts for your big lobster, as shown in the previous image.

Image 5 Lob

In the previous image you can see that I have placed the pieces on the left of the image in the order that they get stuck on. The first piece will be from the bottom.

Image 6 Lob

Starting from the bottom you stick the first piece in the middle of the tail of your lobster base, as shown in the previous image.

Image 7 Lob

You then stick the next bit on top of your last piece. You should be able to line up your small piece with the outer ridges of the main lobster.

Image 8 Lob

You then repeat this process with the next piece, sticking it on top of the other piece lining it up with the base ridges.

Image 9 Lob

You then repeat this process until all of the small pieces are stuck on top of one another.

Image10 Lob

And repeat.

Image 11 Lob

Then once all of the small pieces are stuck on the body we can move onto the main bit.

Image 12 Lob

Then you glue on the main piece, the one that looks a bit like a dalek head, onto the main body using the arm on the right to line it up properly.

Image Lob 13

You then stick the right claw on top of the right arm.

Image 14 Lob

Then stick the left claw on top of the left arm.

Image 15 Lob

Then you stick on the head.

Image 16 Lob

Then you need to cut out two 9mm diameter circles from the white card. You can use a compass and pencil for this.

Image 17 Lob

You then stick these circles on top of the red stalks.

Image 18 Lob1

You then cut out two 4mm diameter black circles and stick these on top of your white circles in the middle.

Image 19 Lob

You then stick your right eye stalk in place.

Image 21 Lob

Then you stick the left eye stalk on the back of the head putting the glue on the front of the stalk.

Image 22 Lob

Then you can move on to your baby lobster! Repeat the same process of tracing and cutting out, like you did with the big lobster with the red card.

Image 23 Lob

I have lined the pieces up on the right hand side of the main body of the lobster. Working from the bottom one up you can stick the first bit in the middle of the tail.

Image 24 Lob

Then stick the second piece on top of that piece.

Image 25 Lob

And then the next part using the outline ridges on the main body as a guide.

Image 26 Lob

You should be sticking the main body part down now.

Image 27 Lob

You then stick the head on top of the main body.

Image 28 Lob

You then cut the red strip in half. Then cut out of the white card two 4mm white circles and stick them on the ends of the red stalks.

Image 29 Lob

You then cut out the black small circles. I cut out two 3mm ones but feel free to do whatever size you fancy.

Image 30 Lob

You then stick the eye stalks behind the head.

Image 31 Lob

And there you have your finished lobsters!

Image 33 Lob

I than folded a piece of A4 blue card and stuck on my lobsters. Then I cut out lettering using a die cutter and glued them down on to the folded card.

Cover Photo Lob

There you have you finished fathers day card! I hope all the dad lobsters out there have a good one and that making your dad lobster cards are enjoyable.

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