How To Make A Happy Valentine’s Day Frog Card


Posted on 12th February 2018 by Jennifer Squire
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Jennifer Squire has done a guest blog for you all on how to make a Valentine's Day Frog.

Card used for the Frog:

Card used for the Background:

First of all sketch out your frog or you can print off a frog image.

Image One

When you have your design you trace around on tracing paper all the individual components.  Then you transfer the individual components to your coloured card.

Image Two

You then cut out the base of your frog on your preferred coloured card using a scalpel.  I used Papermilldirects Pastel Ivory Plain Card 160gsm for the base of the frog. You repeat this process with all of the pieces changing the coloured card when desired

Image Three

Then it comes to assembly.  Build up your frog with the base first, then the green and the blue cut out strip.  

Image Four

I traced around the blue first onto yellow card and free hand cut out the spikes before sticking it down.

Image Five

When doing the eyes I used a compass to do my big and small circles. The big one was 12mm and the small one was 10mm.

Image Six

Once all the pieces are stuck on you can add the features of the frog with a very fine black pen. I used 00 fine liner.  Make sure all gaps are cut out as shown in your design.

Image Seven

Then you have your finished frog. Add it to the background of your choice

Image Eight

Happy Frog love to you all on Valentine’s day.

Image Nine

If you would like to see more of Jennifer's work check out her Instagram where she has lots of colourful creations!

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Rachael Tyndall

12th February 2018 at 6:34 pm

What lovely frogs!

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