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Posted on 26th September 2023 by Danielle Bigland
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Dani Wondeful Xmas

Hello crafter's. Are we well?

I'm back with you with a card which, in hindsight, should have been a bit easier had I planned it better.

Lots of things went wrong or not to plan but I'm fairly pleased with the end result. You can eliminate many of these hurdles (which I'll talk to you about) just by planning a bit better than I did! I'll talk you though it...

With a finished size in mind of a US A2 size card, I started by sizing my card and acetate.

First I cut 2 pieces of White Super Smooth 300gsm card down to 4 1/4in x 5 1/2in. I trimmed a piece of acetate down to 4 1/4in x 5 3/4in.

Img 20230924 Wa0012

Now, this difference of 1/4in in height between the acetate and the card would be the anchor.

I folded the 1/4in acetate over. To either side of this, I adhered the card. I adhered the inside layer with red liner tape. The outside layer I adhered with wet adhesive. The fold was now sandwiched between the card and I now have a card blank made of a sturdy card back and an acetate front.

Img 20230924 Wa0011

Now, I cut my frame. I cut the frame twice. Here's the thing. When sticking card to acetate, all adhesive used will show through the other side. Therefore, I strongly recommend cutting everything twice and mirroring whatever you stick to the front, stick to the reverse of it on the other side of the acetate also. This will hide all adhesives and give your project a cleaner finish.

Img 20230924 Wa0006

Img 20230924 Wa0010

I cut my snowflake twice, one from White super Smooth 300gsm and one from Eris Stardream 200gsm. I adhered the Eris Stardream to the front with wet adhesive and stuck the white one on the other side of the acetate on the back on the Stardream one.

Img 20230924 Wa0007

Finally, I added my sentiment.

Here's where much of the process didn't go as I'd have liked.

I cut the Buzzword from both the same card as used in the previous step. I didn't judge spacing very well and it didn't fit across the card, as planned. So, I curved it.

I adhered all letters using wet adhesive. On the front, I adhered the Stardream letters and the back, just the white. But, this got a little messy as they naturally wanted to slide about! This left a glue residue which was unattractive. As with previous steps, I applied these to both the front and back of the acetate so this created double the mess. I tried removing this residue with a poky tool but this scratched the acetate. Using my fingernail was far more cleaner and effective but harder to get into small spaces. Between the two possibilities, I persevered. But, it's far from perfect.

Img 20230924 Wa0008

To finish, I trimmed and adhered two ready made sentiments from my stash to complete the phrase.

This is a pretty card but not one to repeat in a hurry or batch make. It's definitely for someone special!

Until next time, take care.

Love, Dani xx

Dani Wondeful Xmas


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