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Posted on 30th December 2019 by Nicole Mullen
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Once all the excitement of Christmas is over it is time to prepare for the fun of the New Year! The parties, the fun, the glamour. (Who am I kidding really, I will most likely stay in curled up on the couch watching fireworks on telly. But its fun to pretend!!) This card tries to capture all that I imagine New Years to be, the drama, the sparkle, the fun. Papermilldirect's non shed glitter cards are just perfect for this. On this card I went all out and used:

I started off by selecting my papers that I wanted to use on the card as all of my balloons.

Nm New Year Balloon Small 1

I decided on also using the silver non shed glitter after making my selection above. I wanted even more sparkle! I die cut a few balloons from each colour card.

Nm New Year Balloon Small 2

I cut a panel from the charcoal sparkle print card and started laying out the balloons on this to find a pattern and density I was happy with. I wanted it to look like a balloon release at a big fancy party. I made sure to let some balloons run off the edge of the panel and trimmed these down.

Nm New Year Balloon Small 3

Nm New Year Balloon Small 4

Once I was happy with the arrangement I glued all the balloons down, and created a layer fro the Gin Fizz card to mount the Charcoal card onto. This panel then got adhered onto the black card blank.

Nm New Year Balloon Small 5

Nm New Year Balloon Small 6

I had no New Years stamps. So I was going to improvise by combining a 'Celebrate' stamp with a year. I used a number stamp to stamp the required numbers onto the Gin Fizz card and cut these out. I didn't measure and be precise here, I wanted a bit of an off look on them. I then layered these numbers onto a strip of the Charcoal card.

Nm New Year Balloon Small 7

Nm New Year Balloon Small 8

I layered the sentiments on with foam tape and called it done. No other embellishments were needed, not with all the sparkle and glitter going on with this card!! I love how it shimmers and shines from every angle. It is making me want to make party plans for New Years eve!!

Nm New Year Balloon Small 9

Nm New Year Balloon Small 10


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