Have a Monster of a Birthday


Posted on 2nd September 2022 by Nicole Mullen
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I love images that are fun and have matching sentiments that are wonderfully pun's! For this card I used:

Nm Monster Pic 1

I started out by stamping my images in archival ink so that they could be fully drying ready for using watercolours on. The Hammered White card stamps on well, but I do find a double stamp gives the best image, so use a stamp positioner to help with this!

Nm Monster Pic 2

Nm Monster Pic 3

While the image was drying I cut my layers for my card base, and die cut my rectangles for my card. The mix of greens and greys, with the stripes is a fun combination.

Nm Monster Pic 4

Nm Monster Pic 6

Nm Monster Pic 5

I then coloured my image with watercolour images. I did a bright and bold colouring on the image, as I felt it worked well with the image and the card colours. You can go very detailed and shade in fur etc. if you wish but I liked the more simple look for this one.

Nm Monster Pic 7

Nm Monster Pic 8

Once my image was coloured and fully dry I cut it out, leaving no white border. To cut it like this I used a combination of scissors and sharp scalpel. When cutting like this be careful for your fingers and your image! Once it is fully cut out I use a black sharpie to go around the edges of the image to cover the raw white edges, giving a more finished look.

Nm Monster Pic 9

I then added all of my layers onto my card base. I added the rectangles on with foam tape for dimension. I added my monster on with foam tape too and added the sentiment with a mix of foam tape and glue.

Nm Monster Pic 10

I think he is pretty cute on there! Do you have any fun images with pun's for sentiments you love to use?

Nm Monster Pic 13

Nm Monster Pic 12

Nm Monster Pic 11


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