Handmade Birthday Party Streamers


Posted on 17th March 2023 by Samantha Burrow
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A619889 C D68 A 47 B9 Aef8 C0 E0 A809 B512

Open Cricut Design Space and click new design. On the canvas page, add Text from the bottom options. Type the number you want and adjust the size to roughly how big you want it, (you can finalise the size at the end).

941 C94 E2 A9 C9 4548 8676 Dfc21 A26 E47 F

With the number selected, click on the font name in the Edit Panel, choose your font and click done. I went with “Agent Q” because it’s a chunky fun looking font. Change the colour of your number to match your card colour, this image will be the top layer.

F5 Ad0 Bba 74 A9 4 Bdc Aefe 4 E09 Dfc68 A7 A

Ungroup the numbers and move the second number away from the first number just a little. Select both numbers together and in the Edit Panel, click Offset. Choose a distance of 0.1 in, rounded corners and uncheck the Weld Offsets option. Click done. Change the colour of your offset to match your card colour, this image will be the second layer.

F6340 C1 B Dd93 4 F67 B9 A0 49 F2 E63664 Be

Select all the number images and offsets together and click Offset again. This time choose a distance of 0.2 in, rounded corners and keep the Weld Offsets option checked. Click done. Change the colour of your offset to match your card colour, this image will be the base layer.

1 Ed85455 42 B6 4 D7 D 94 C8 7 Ad5 Edabbf97

With just the base layer selected, go to the Action Panel and select Contour. Remove the small section between the 1 and 5. You can also remove the cut out from inside the 5 if you want a sold base layer.

2 E8 B06 Ba 1 Af3 406 E B77 F 80505819381 E

Keeping the base layer selected create a duplicate from the options in the Action Panel. Move this over to the right of your main image, this will be the backing for the base layer, so you can secure the streamer piece between them.

Cb511 D6 A Bd83 45 E9 9030 42 Da2839247 B

Optional extra step: create a small circle from the Shapes tool, around half an inch or less, and change its Operation from Cut to Draw.

Align the circle just a little inside the backing image. Select both the circle and backing image together and use the Align tool in the Edit Panel to ‘Center Horizontally’.

Select both the circle and backing panel and in the Action Panel, click Attach.

This will help give you an idea of where best to adhere the streamer piece to the backing panel, keeping it more central so the number hangs well.

Cff4 A246 06 C3 440 C 95 Fb B1 E2 Cbb1 D89 F

In the Images tool, search for image ID #M7D2C036 and click Add. Adjust the size and colour to suit, we have changed ours to 7 inches in height and this gives around a foot or so in drop for the finished piece (plus you can get two on a single piece of A4 card).

5 B311271 3 C8 A 469 B 9 Fc7 7 Cb6 E70 Ee601

Select all the number images together and adjust the height to suit your needs. We have used ours at around 4 inches in height. When you are happy with the design, click Make It.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the cut. Here you can change the quantity you need, and you can move your pieces around the cutting mat screen to get a better number of cuts per sheet of card, just be careful not to overlap the images.

7 Ed4 B774 9144 466 F A074 2 B26 Eca63 F37

6 B0101 Fc 7 C16 4055 98 C6 4 Fc2 B57 E6711

Using glue or double sided tape, stick the top later to the second layer, and then stick those to the base later.

Take one of the streamer pieces and stick the end of the larger spiral section to the backing piece.

Stick the layered top piece over the top of that and allow to dry and set.

04 B5045 C 14 A3 43 D3 Be38 4 Ffb3 D8 Edd42

59 B18 C3 F D512 4 B51 8 B53 C66 Cf53351 F0

879872 D2 4 E4 C 4614 A37 B 2 E086 A44856 E


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