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Posted on 2nd September 2018 by Jennifer Squire
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Today I will be guiding you through on how to make your own sloth. This sloth can be put on to cards for fellow sloth lovers or made into a picture as I have done. I have used a die cutter machine to cut out my design but you can use a scalpel. Here is what you will need:

Die cutter machine/scalpel

  1. Pencil
  2. Tracing paper
  3. Printer to print out my designs to replicate

Card needed to make your sloth:

First of all I did a sketch of a sloth.

Slo 1 A

Then I traced around all of the individual parts. I have done these on to three pieces of paper. On each piece of paper I have put a scale rule so that you can resize to fit your printer and print out the outlines. You can then scan these into your machine or if using a scalpel cut them out on to the different coloured card.

Slo 1 B

Slo 2

Slo 3

First of all I cut out all of my parts. If you want to replicate the exact colours that I use with each part you need to look at the image below and match the colours with the different parts. If you are not so bothered the most important things to keep the same as mine is the face. Cream vellum for the face, this is on image one of the trace outs, in the middle at the top. Slate grey for the mouth which is on image one, you can see that there are several to choose from, which ever you fancy. The mocha brown for the outline of the eyes, which is on image one. The black for the nose and eyes which is also on image one. The rest you can play around with as you choose.

Slo 4

First of all I would lay out your cuts to replicate mine so that when it comes to sticking you can just follow my images. First we start with sticking down the middle upper leg. As you go through the series of pictures you should be able to see what sticks on top of what.

Slo 5

Slo 6

Slo 7

Slo 8

Then you move on to the main arm at the top. Follow the images bellow to see which part sticks on which.

Slo 9

Slo 10

Slo 11

Then we move on to the body. Start with the cut out that is closest to the sloth on the right of the image and stick where it is shown on the image to follow. Again follow the sequence of images that match up with the next bit.

Slo 12

Slo 13

Slo 14

Slo 15

Slo 16

Slo 17

Then we move on to the lower arm.

Slo 18

Slo 19

Slo 20

Slo 21

Then we move on to the bottom leg.

Slo 22

Slo 23

Slo 24

Slo 24

Slo 25

Slo 26

Then move back to the head and face.

Slo 27

Slo 28

Slo 29

Then you cut out your two separate nose parts that are on image one and then stick the nostril bit on top of the plain black bit.

Slo 30

Then you cut out your grey mouth. Using a scalpel you cut a smile into it and then stick the nose on the grey mouth just above the smile.

Slo 31

Then you stick your mocha brown outlines of the eyes on to the face.

Slo 32

I cut out some black small circles from my die cutter machine as I didn't like the ones that I designed. But feel free to use whatever you prefer. The size circle was 4mm x 2.

Slo 33

And there you have your finished sloth.

Slo 341

I then made some smaller sloths and vines and leaves to complete the finish picture. This is when I stuck on the claws which you find on image three.

Slo 35

I hope you enjoyed making your sloth and that you can place him in many different places.

Slo 36

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