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Posted on 21st July 2018 by Karen Telfer
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Hi there,

Two of my children are graduating this week so it has been a busy time for me lately. Here is a really simple and really effective card for such an occasion.

I just want to mention two things before I start:

  • I have given the measurements in inches which is usual for me but scoreboards (well many of them) have their markings in inches so that is why I have chosen to do it this way.
  • I apologise for the quality of some of these photos but the camera struggles to focus properly when there is just black card in the photo.

Materials used;

Firstly I took a piece of black card stock and cut it to 4 ¼” x 9 ¾”.

Img 1929 C870804Eb5Dd0D440545727Fd8680E78

Using my scoreboard I scored it widthways at 5 ½”.

I then marked 2 1/8” either side of the above mark (above and below) on both sides.

I scored a diagonal line from each of the lines above and below the 5 ½” score line (see diagram for detail.

I then made a mark at 2 1/8” at one of the top (short side). I then cut it from that mark to each edge to create my point on the hat.

Img 1930

Img 1932

I then folded it inwards and easily collapsed making the pointed part of the hat. I used a boning tool to ensure that the creases were really sharp and crisp.

I then took a white piece of card and cut it to 4 ¼” x 5 ½”.

I used a pencil to make a mark 2 1/8” (ie. the middle of the short edge) and then marked on either side of the long edge 3 ½” from the bottom. On each side, I then drew a pencil line from the side marks to the mark at the top to create a point. This is going to slip into the card to create the white contrast.

Img 1933

Img 1934 C870804Eb5Dd0D440545727Fd8680E78

Img 1935 C870804Eb5Dd0D440545727Fd8680E78

Using black onyx ink I stamped the Congratulations sentiment along the bottom.

Img 1936 C870804Eb5Dd0D440545727Fd8680E78

I made a hole and set a black brad using my Crop a dile big bite tool (in the centre of my ‘hat).

After making a knot at one end I threaded a piece of gold cord through the hole an secure it with a piece of double sided tape (don’t worry if it looks ugly as you will cover it with a piece of white card afterwards).

Img 1937 C870804Eb5Dd0D440545727Fd8680E78

Img 1938 C870804Eb5Dd0D440545727Fd8680E78

I then cut a piece of white card – 2 3/4” square and stuck it to the underside of the ‘cap’ to cover the tape for the tassel.

I then stuck down the white piece of card onto the black base.

Voila! A really quick but impressive graduation card.


Img 1943 C870804Eb5Dd0D440545727Fd8680E78

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