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Posted on 20th June 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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Open Cricut Design Space and click New Project. Insert a square image, colour to white and resize to the finished size of your design. For these images, I worked with an A5 card blank, so the card base size I’m using is width 5.75” x height 8.25”.

Now insert a new square just a little smaller than the first (5.5” x 8.0”), and change the colour to yellow. Move the yellow square centrally behind the white square.

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Insert another square shape, to size 5” x 0.75” and duplicate 6 times. Position one of these squares about 0.4” down from the top of the white square, and position another one about 0.4” up from the bottom. Align all six squares horizontally and distribute evenly. Once your happy with the spacing and sizing of the boxes, select all six squares and click weld.

B2873 Ced A1 Bd 46 C0 Be60 3 D5 Dc98 A3747

Select the welded image of six squares along with the white square and click slice. Delete the sliced squares leaving a cut out white square over the yellow square.

08 C61 D63 27 B2 4707 97 D1 9 D9 A63 Be197 C

Insert image #M54ADA and click ungroup to separate the elements of the image. In the layers panel recolour the two flamingo bases to match your chosen pearly pink, and recolour the two wings to match your chosen glittery pink.

D39 Ea426 295 F 42 Cf 9 Eb1 5 F5 Efbdd4 E4 F

6 Ec452 C9 3 Adc 4879 9 C45 3 D79 A45 Ea979

Select the two wings, duplicate and align centrally over the first pair of wings. Hide the two duplicates and then select the original wings with the flamingo base images and weld together. Select both flamingo bases and in the Edit Panel use the Offset tool to create a background layer. I recommend using an offset of +0.05.

Ac6 B5 C6 C F46 B 4 C93 Ab81 63 C77 E857 E6 E

C2 E80 F9 C 95 D5 419 F 8127 0845971 B01 Ef

Da62 B33 A Fcb8 4727 97 Ec Edc8 B553472 E

Select all the elements to the flamingo on the left, group and resize to width 2.5” x height 3.9”. Repeat this step for the flamingo on the right.

D584 Bbf7 0152 43 De Be83 8 Cbb519 Aa41 B

Insert image #M2A459D94 for the wording, click ungroup and delete the yellow wavy lines.

3 A60 Dcbb 2 Df8 4325 A9 Ca Bc05329 A2530

Click the remaining “Good Vibes” image, resize to width 3.05” x height 2.5” and click duplicate. Align both “Good Vibes” images centrally to each other. In the Action panel click the Contour of the first image and remove all the lines from the word “vibes”. Repeat this step for the second image, this time removing all the lines from the word “good”.

A57 E313 A Cbbf 4 F8 E 9 A5 B 5101 Aea4 C86 B

Ad56 Ee37 78 Af 49 F3 8643 C478 Ede2 C722

When you’re happy with your design and layout, click make it to move to the cutting stage. Remember that the colours of each mat correspond to your card colours. If you are using a pre-creased card blank as your white card base, you will need to line up the position of the design with the placement of your card blank on your cutting mat and I recommend using some plain paper first to check the alignment is correct.

8 Cfb2 A33 4 Adb 4449 B5 Db 88 F9 D2 F908 Eb

Using glue or double-sided tape, fix the pieces together. The yellow card will lie flat against the back of your white card. Fix the wings to the flamingo’s and secure them to the card base with 3D foam pads. Finally stick the wording to the card base. Why not also try adding a Papermill Direct card insert to the inside of your card for a stylish finish.

If you’re more experienced with using Cricut Design Space, why not swap out the flamingo wings for a different wing image, using resize and weld tools you can alter the image to suit your style.

0179 D78 F 3 B68 42 Ae A505 2 D91 C75 Ac1 Ad

3 D9052 B7 C551 4 C65 838 F Da63 F0138 F7 E

Cc5 Bf431 7 D5 F 48 B2 95 Ea 10453 D4742 Cf


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