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Posted on 18th June 2022 by Michele Owen
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Hello everyone, Michele Owen, from Handmade4U with love x, back again to bring you the perfect card to send to a friend or loved one.

Standing Card

My colours for this card: Purple and Pink
Theme: Flowers and hugs ( just perfect for a friend )
Cards used: Powder Purple Pure Pearl 300gsm - for the back ground
Sirio Vino Colour Card 290gsm - outer flower
Powder Purple Pure Pearl 300gsm - inside the flower
Tintoretto Anice Card 250gsm - the very Centre of the flower
Lavender Purple Pure Pearl 300gsm - for the word die hugs

Glue used was Anita's Tacky PVA GLue

Thumbnail Img 0967

First gather all your card together, you don't have to use the same colours as I have chosen, this card is incredibly versatile and easy to change to each persons tastes and preferences. Then you'll want to choose your dies, I've used flower dies from Julie Hickey Designs: Beautiful Blooms.

Thumbnail Img 0966

With your back ground piece of card (Powder Purple Pure Pearl 300gsm), a scoring tool, and a scoring board, you will score 2 inches then 2 and a half inches then score again at 6 inches and 6 and a half inches.

Thumbnail Img 0968

Next you'll want to make your flowers which are in 3 parts. I choose Sirio Vino Colour Card for the outer/ base of my flower as I wanted it to contrast against the powder purple. The outline of the flower I used Powder Purple Pure Pearl Card and finished with Tintoretto Anice Card as Flower's pistil.
Then line 3 flowers on each line along the top and bottom of the card, glue them down either using Anita's Tacky glue like myself or Stick it! Double Sided tape works well too.
Then glue the hugs sentiment in the middle

Full Card Image

Thumbnail Img 0991

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and I look forward to seeing what you create!
Written and photographed by Michele Owen
From Handmade4u with love x

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