Fun shaped handmade card idea


Posted on 29th August 2017 by Nicole Mullen
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Trex 3 Nicole

Fun shaped handmade card idea!

We have lots of great ideas for childrens' birthday cards on the blog, although funnily enough this one was actually made for a 30 year old!

I love making cards that are personalised to the recipient and make them smile or laugh. This was one of those cards. There was a big T-Rex theme - for a 30th birthday! I used a SVG cutting file for this one and my Silhouette to cut it, but you could use a template from the internet. For this one I used:

I cut all the parts out and had fun putting it all together. I put the balloons together by making them double sided, with the wire in the centre. I then wrapped this wire around the trex's tail to make it look like he had the balloons tied to his tail in a very cute way.

Trex 1 Nicole

I stamped the Happy Birthday label sentiment and placed it in the Trex's hands to add my sentiment to the card.

Trex 2 Nicole

This gave me a really fun card that make the recipient laugh when he got it!

Trex 3 Nicole


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