Prep for a Roarsome Birthday with this Dinosaur-Themed Card


Posted on 17th May 2024 by Nicole Mullen
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Prep for a Roarsome Birthday with this Dinosaur-Themed Card

Children's parties are a wonderful opportunity to explore the silly side of party planning by diving into a theme headlong, and seeing the joy on their faces is a reward. You have plenty of fun and exciting choices to choose from to bring to life a fantastic, memorable event, and surely a great one is… dinosaurs!

With a mix of creativity and imagination, you will turn any space into a prehistoric setting for a truly unforgettable dinosaur-themed celebration for the attending children. Read on to explore our guide to creating the ultimate prehistoric birthday party, complete with a guide to making dinosaur-themed custom cards.

Dinosaur-Themed Party Activities

For activities, you could organise a dinosaur egg hunt where kids search for eggs hidden around the party area. Another fun idea could be a 'Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur' game or perhaps a dinosaur-themed craft station where they can make their own dinosaur masks or fossils.

For food and drink, you could serve snacks like:

  • 'prehistoric popcorn' (regular popcorn in dinosaur-themed boxes)
  • 'volcano cupcakes' with red icing and candy lava
  • "herbivore and carnivore sandwiches" for a bit of thematic variety.

For drinks, you could offer a:

  • 'dinosaur punch' (a fruit punch with a floating ice ring containing toy dinosaurs)
  • 'fossilised lemonade' (lemonade served with frozen lemon slices containing toy dinosaur skeletons).

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Roaring Decorations

When it comes to creating decorations, you could craft towering palm trees out of green balloons and A3 paper leaves to create a Jurassic jungle. Pterodactyls made from A4 card stock will hang overhead when glued to hanging string, while blank dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes are drawn onto white cards will add an extra element of fun as the children get to fingerpaint dinosaurs in any colour they want. Don't forget the details, like dinosaur footprint floor decals made from wholesale cards will lead the way to the party entrance or table centrepieces featuring erupting volcanoes.

Submitted Fun Card Guide from Mullen Crafts

We have lots of great ideas for children's birthday cards in our blog to inspire you, but funnily enough, the example submitted today was actually made for a 30-year-old!

Trex 3 Nicole

This is a lovely example of what we have been discussing. By following the guide submitted to us from Mullen Crafts, you'll see how easy it is to make adorable and fun-shaped cards, and you'll be inspired to explore your own, personalised ideas in the future. The guide goes like this:

Dinosaur Birthday Card Guide from Mullen Crafts

I love making cards that are personalised to the recipient and make them smile or laugh. This was one of those cards. There was a big T-Rex theme - for a 30th birthday! I used an SVG cutting file for this one and my Silhouette to cut it, but you could use a template from the internet.

An SVG file is a special type of image file, also called a vector image file. These are an excellent choice when either making your own or looking for designs online, as they are infinitely scalable without losing quality.

If you picked a small JPEG or PNG format image and tried to make it larger, then you'd find the image loses a lot of its quality. This is why we recommend printing from SVG files when looking for fun card ideas in the future.

Once I had my SVG file, now I needed high-quality paper to really get the most out of my planned card. For this dinosaur-themed idea, I used:

I cut all the parts out and had fun putting it all together. I put the balloons together by making them double-sided, with the wire in the centre. I then wrapped this wire around the T-Rex's tail to make it look like he had the balloons tied to his tail in a very cute way.

Trex 1 Nicole

I stamped the Happy Birthday label sentiment and placed it in the Trex's hands to add my sentiment to the card.

Trex 2 Nicole

This gave me a really fun card that make the recipient laugh when he got it!

Trex 3 Nicole

How Do I Create My Own Party Themes?

Now you've got your fun green dinosaur on hand, and you will see how easy it is to create your personal ideas; it's time to explore.

Social media platforms are an excellent place to find inspiration for party ideas, but one stands out above the rest: Pinterest. On our craft Pinterest and other profiles, you'll be welcomed by many decorative designs made by other creative crafters and party planners that will show you the almost infinite possibilities of what you can do with art and craft supplies for children's parties.

These images can often be downloaded and printed for use in your designs. Additionally, you could use digital image editing software such as Procreate, Photoshop or Illustrator to manipulate and improve designs to get them exactly where you want them before printing. Apps such as these are readily available on most tablets these days and often have SVG file saving as an option.

The Best Party Craft Supplies for Online Order at Papermill Direct

So, as you can see, sending personalised cards to your loved ones and hosting your dinosaur-themed birthday party is incredibly easy when you have the right card-making supplies and inspiration to fuel your imagination! You can find a lot more inspiration for various fun party projects in our craft blog, as we regularly update it with new designs and guides.

If you're unsure of what you need to turn your fun-shaped card into reality, please get in touch, and our friendly team will happily guide you to the right supplies for your card.


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