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Posted on 9th October 2016 by STACEY BONE
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Hi everyone it’s Stacey and this week I’ve been Christmas crafting. I’ve designed a pretty holly wreath, perfect for hanging indoors for the festive season.

To make your own you’ll need the following materials:

Dark green plain card 240gsm

Apple green plain card 240gsm

Intensive red plain card 160gsm

Christmas red plain card 240 gsm

Glue gun

Mod Podge

Wire ring

Green florist mossing twine

Ribbon of your choice

Begin by wrapping your wire ring with the twine.

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I wrapped my ring in sections, knotting the ends to the ring and the next piece of twine. I chose to use green twine so that it blended in with the leaves.

To make my holly I created an svg file to cut on my machine.

Img 0719

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Using a hot glue gun you’ll need to stick all the prickly holly leaves to the wire ring. I bunched four leaves together; two of each colour and I arranged by what was pleasing to the eye.

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Before you cover the whole ring with holly, make sure you attach your ribbon for hanging. Make a loop with the ribbon and glue it on to the twine and cover the front over with leaves.

Once all the holly is all attached in little groups you can then fill in any spaces with single leaves that look a little bare.

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Using my Cricut machine I cut two sizes of berries using the different shades of red card. You may choose to use a circle craft punch if you have one. Glue your berries onto you holly mixing the two shades of card together. I chose to use Mod Podge to glue my berries on to the wreath as they can be a bit fiddly and we don’t want burnt fingers now do we.

If your using Mod Podge or another craft glue I recommend leaving your wreath to dry for little while once you’ve stuck on the berries.

Img 0734

“Ta Da!” you have a beautiful Christmas holy wreath.

Happy Christmas crafting!­

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10th November 2018 at 12:04 pm

What Size were the Holly Leaves? thanks


03rd December 2017 at 4:32 pm

Hi! Is there any way that I could get your holly leaf svg file? I am having such a hard time finding one that I like!!!

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