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Posted on 14th February 2017 by Nicole Mullen
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Derwent Sketching Pencils 1

Hi all,

Nicole here with a little review of a lovely product for you all. I was asked to try out the Derwent Drawing Pencils and see what I thought. 

So I thought I would go about this two ways, one with using them on a stamped image and one (attempting!) on a drawing, to get a good comparison. Firstly, this is what the pencils are like.

Derwent Sketching Pencils 2

They are really rich colours, and muted tones, perfect for wildlife and nature type images. The wide tips are supposed to be to help you lay down things like dense fur or feathers. I did find in order to work with them I had to pare them to a fine tip as they are quite blunt out of the tin.

Nicole Owl Sketched 2

So I started off by trying out the pencils on a stamped image. I did a second generation image stamping. This means the image is very light, so that you can colour it and the lines of the stamped image almost disappear. You can see the lighter image on the notebook in the image below and the first impression stamping on the scrap piece of card on the top.

Nicole Owl Sketched 1

I then started playing with the pencils and layering the colour. I used lights pencil strokes and built the colour up layer by layer.

Nicole Owl Sketched 3

I kept this stroke technique up with alternating colours. The colours started to blend really nicely after a few layers, building up a really nice texture, as you can see on the right hand side of the image below.

Nicole Owl Sketched 4

I coloured the image completely with the pencils from the set, and the texture that they allowed me to build up was really nice.

Nicole Owl Sketched 5

I also had an attempt - and I stress attempt! - at drawing a bunny with the pencils.While my drawing skills are definately not up to scratch, the pencils certainly made it easy. I need a lot more practice with them though, I think I will be sticking to the stamped images!!

Derwent Sketching Pencils 3

Overall the pencils are lovely to work with and made it very easy to build up texture and colour. They were very enjoyable to work with and I will definately be using them more!

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