Derwent Drawing Pencils

The colour palette of Derwent Drawing Pencils takes you right back to nature. The colours are rich and earthy and you’ll find their soft texture and the pencil’s extra wide colour strip will be a big help when you’re trying to build up dense fur or feathers. We’ve also included a number of Sepia tones in the range which you will find very useful when you come to draw portraits & life studies. So why wait...Get Drawing!

Tin of 12 pencils containing: Solway Blue, Ink Blue, Green Shadow, Olive Earth, Brown Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Sanguine, Sepia (Red), Ruby Earth, Chocolate, Ivory Black and Chinese White.

Tin of 24 pencils containing the following colours: Light Sienna, Solway Blue, Ink Blue, Smoke Blue, Pale Cedar, Green Shadow, Crag Green, Olive Earth, Warm Earth, Brown Ochre, Wheat, Yellow Ochre, Sepia, Mars Orange, Sanguine, Venetian Red, Terracotta, Mars Violet, Ruby Earth, Chocolate, Ivory Black, Warm Grey, Cool Grey and Chinese White.

Tub of 72 contain in addition to the above a number of soft greens, greys, blues and creams as well as an increased choice of traditional sepia tones.


  • Round 8ply pencil (8mm diameter) with a 5mm strip.
  • Light mahogany stained barrel with colour coded end dip and distinctive angled gold band.
  • Clear white imprint detailing range, colour name and number.
  • Soft creamy texture provides a smooth velvety lay down.

This is your last chance to buy Derwent Pencils from us! Once they’re gone you wont be able to buy them here again, be quick though our stock is moving fast.

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