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Posted on 15th April 2018 by Emily
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1. What was your inspiration for setting up Intricard?

Intricard is my social media identity and serves as an outlet to demonstrate and share all my card creations. I have always loved crafting and for me card making allows me to hone my skills in lots of different areas including watercolour and cross stitching. I have been greatly inspired by so many crafters and cardmakers who shared their designs so that encouraged me to share mine! It was daunting at first when you put your creations out there but the crafting community have been so encouraging and I have already made some lovely crafty friends!

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2. What is your favourite design to make?

I love making all kind of card designs but the most fun is making shaker cards-this always goes down well with the recipient!

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3. Tell us about your creative process...

Often I will have a technique or product in mind and this is my starting point for my card - I then experiment a few times with layouts until I'm happy with what I have. If I ever have a creative block I find colour palettes are a great way to get me going again.

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4. What have you found most difficult about making your cards so far?

Controlling my spending! there are so many great products out there and initially I wanted everything-I've now started to just buy products which can be used for lots of different occasions and try to get the most out of the supplies I already have.


5. What's a typical crafting session like for you?

I usually craft on an evening or on an afternoon on days that I'm not at work - I start by pulling together products that will go well together. I like to have all my pieces together first before I start assembling so I get all the die cutting, stamping done first. I try to clean as I go as I find this saves me a lot of time!

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6. What is your favourite craft tool?

My Tonic Studios guillotine!


7. Do you have any crafting techniques that you want to try or improve this year?

I invested in the whole set of Spectrum Noir alcohol markers so would like to spend more time improving my colouring skills and working out some new and interesting colour blends!


8. What is your favourite papermilldirect product and why?

I love papermilldirect products - it was so hard to find good quality coloured cardstock and envelopes in the UK, so was delighted when papermilldirect was recommended to me! If I had to pick a favourite I would say the Sea Blue Sparkle card - it is just sooo pretty as well as being a great weight for card bases.


9. What does the future hold for Intricard?

Currently I'm loving sharing all my creations and making cards for friends and family however I'm hoping to spend more time updating my blog and taking part in different card challenges, who knows one day I may even get asked to be on a design team - which would be awesome!

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