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Posted on 8th May 2020 by Jane Taylor
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Jane Cupcake Box Card 1K

You will need:

  • Raspberry Pink Card
  • Baby Pink Card
  • Smooth White Card
  • Double-Sided Tape

You will also need:

  • A border punch
  • Stamps, I used Funky Fossil Cupcake Crazy
  • Dies, I used MFT double stitched rectangles

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1


  1. Cut 6cm from the bottom of the raspberry pink card. Save this for use at instruction 4.
  2. Using the measurements from the plan mark and score all the lines onto the raspberry pink card.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1A

3. Cut along the lines marked red in the plan.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1C

4. Cut two 12cm x 6cm strips. Score at 1.5cm from each end.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1B

5. Use a border punch to make a pattern along the edges of the top section.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1D

6. Cut the following from the baby pink card:

2 pieces 8cm x 5cm

2 pieces 8cm x 6cm

2 pieces 4cm x 5cm

2 pieces 4cm x 6cm

7. Stamp a pattern on all of these pieces.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1E

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1F

8. Glue these pieces to the correct place on the raspberry pink card. Use the photos to help you place them. The smaller set goes onto the top flaps and the larger set onto the opposite side at the bottom.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1G

9. Glue the flap on the raspberry pink card to construct the box.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1H

10. Glue the flaps of the 12cm x 6cm strips to the inside of the box. These are used to add the images at different points in the box.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1I

11. Use the smooth white card to stamps your images. Colour, cut and decorate the box as you wish.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1L

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1M

I really hope you have found this tutorial useful and will maybe give a box card a try yourself. The beauty of these cards is that they fold flat for postage and can be tied up with a ribbon for added impact.

If you give this idea a try please share on social media using #papermilldirect so that we can see your wonderful creations.

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1N

Jane Cupcake Box Card 1J


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