Creating a trolls themed selfie frame.


Posted on 23rd April 2018 by Keji Aofiyebi
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Today i'm going to go through creating a basic Trolls themed selfie frame.

Materials used

First you need to prep your elements. I started off with creating poppy, it’s the most complex element so I prepped it first. For this my cricut came out and I cut this out in layers, I then assembled the layers

Img 0811

Img 0813

Img 0815

Img 0819

I then cut the prep and assemble the various different flowers.

We are working with bights for this.

Img 0816

Img 0822

Now to prep the frame. I measure and cut

Img 0824

Now to assemble, for this I use my glue gun.

I position , place and glue to accordingly.

Img 0835

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