How To Create A Table Top Paper Flower Wall


Posted on 26th July 2018 by Keji Aofiyebi
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Hi today i'm going to show a simple table top paper flower back drop.

Paper flower backdrops are really becoming a thing at weddings, baby showers and birthday parties ...

The cost of a full length back drop can add up, as a result I decided to come up with an alternative.

A table top back drop is easy to assemble and more affordable, plus you can use it over an over again.

Img 1485

Items used

First you need to prep your flowers .

I’ve made a variety of different shapes and sizes with a variety of different finishes and centres to create some form .

Then you need to double up the foam board ...

Stick two boards together to reinforce them ..

Img 1476

Now stick the flowers on the foam board. For this part you simply need to be aware of the space you have to work with.

Img 1505

All done !!!

You have a table top flower wall for a fraction of the cost and guess what you. An also use it over and over again ....

Bye for now

Img 1508

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