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Posted on 25th June 2018 by Emily
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Finding room to craft can sometimes be hard if you have a limited space as you need a space to carry out your creativeness as well as storing all of your craft supplies! Even if you don't have an entire room dedicated to crafting you should always have room for the hobbies and activities that bring you creative joy!

We have found some creative space saving ideas that are perfect for your craft room!

1. Using a peg board to hang all of your craft supplies on is a great way to save space on on your desk as well as having easy access to all of you essential tools!

2. This craft room table is great for saving space in your busy craft rooms as it folds away! Plus the legs of the table are made from moulding so when the table is put away it looks like a framed picture.

3. No space for a craft room? Turn your spare closet into a crafty space.

4. This corner desk is a great way to utilise the limited space you may have!

Do you have any space saving craft room ideas? We'd love to see them, comment below and let you know!

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