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Posted on 22nd December 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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1 F0 Eeb6 D 2 F57 4308 8411 Fc2 Ca86 B2285

In a new canvas, select images and search for the image above and click Add. Resize the image to suit your card size, I chose to use a Large Square card blank for mine, so I made my Christmas image 4” x 4”.

6 C34 A7 C3 7 Df6 4 C5 D A12 E A7 F6 Efb36 Bf5

Alternatively, select Text and type your sentiment, paying attention to line and letter spacing and text alignment. Click Ungroup to adjust each letter individually, and change the letter colours to alternating red and green. You can now follow the instructions below to create the offset images.

E417 D1 F2 7288 4 D1 C A115 F404 Fcfa44 Fc

0 C74 A830 48 Fb 4 C3 B Bc35 6 Ff2344 E0 Ab8

0 D3 Ece63 Ffaa 49 A1 968 F A49293249 A2 D

With the image (or text) selected, click Ungroup found in the Action panel. Select all the red letters together and click Combine then Weld. Do the same for all the green letters, and again for all the gold stars. We’re not going to need the stars for the next few steps, so you can click Hide in the Layers panel.

0195 E8 F8 975 B 46 C0 A615 71 D7 Effd0 F70

Select the green welded letters and from the Edit panel, click Offset. Create an offset of -0.05” and click done. Repeat this for the red welded letters.

37 Fe32 A1 E2 C5 4 E69 9681 Fbecc4 E9 Bd74

Select the two offset images and weld together to create one image.

F36 D0 A3 A 5688 4429 9 F09 F03 Ba4599 Cc7

Now select the red letters and in the Edit panel, change the Operation from Basic Cut to Draw and pick out your preferred red pen. I like to use the Cricut Glitter Gel Pens because they’re quite vibrant with added glitter. Repeat this for the green letters, this time picking a green pen.

14 A6 Fceb 8 D33 40 A1 98 Ff 191 E253 A9 Cd1

Insert a new square shape and change the colour and size to fit your card design, I have gone with 5” x 5”. Position to the back of the main design and centre align. If you group all your image elements together, it will make it easier to keep the design aligned correctly when centred with the square shape, but remember to ungroup the elements for the next steps.

D9 Ea294 F 9 F86 4960 A561 61 F0 E29 A1231

Select the back square shape with the welded offset image and in the Action panel, click Slice. Delete all the cut letter pieces leaving just your square shape with the image cut out.

F7 B1229 D D894 4 A97 Af50 Cd27 Fb4 E49 Ad

Select the sliced square shape with the red and green drawing letters and click Attach from the Action Panel. You can now unhide the gold stars as well.

46 E6 A4 Ab 0134 4 Fdf 9 A4 E 12 F58 Bf1 E85 A

Your design is now ready to cut. You can use offcuts of your card stock to create a striped background, or if you prefer, you can create rectangle shapes on design space to cut your card. Or why not play around with different shapes to create a brilliant pattern.

Efdb7543 69 B1 4 A95 9513 870 F01 E09710

Once you’re happy with your design, click Make It to move to the cutting stage. Remember here that the colour of your mats will correspond to your chosen card colour. If you are cutting you background pieces, it’s a good idea to use different shades of red and green for the different glitter or sparkle card.

Stick your glitter shapes to the card base with glue or double sided tape to create your striped back panel. Using 3D foam pads, layer the CHRISTMAS piece of card over the top. Stick the gold stars on and decorate with some self-adhesive gems.

71 D83 Baa B710 4 Dc7 9 F12 D0742160159 C


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