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Posted on 18th January 2019 by Nicole Mullen
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I never seem to have enough birthday cards on hand for those situations when you just need one, and find myself making them last minute. So my aim this year is to try make 2 or 3 birthday cards a month that are targeted at particular demographics, so that my stash of cards is plenty full when I need them. This month I am going to focus on that elusive group - cards for men! I actually find this one quite easy as most men like the clean and simple aesthetic that I quite enjoy doing. So for this card I used:

I gathered a selection of Papermilldirect blues that worked together as a gradient of blues.

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 1

I cut a bow tie out from each of these using a little bow tie die. I don't know the brand as this was in a little package as a gift from a friend, but there are plenty of brands out there who do dies like this. There are also lots of trace and cut your own templates for making these too.

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 2

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 3

Once I had the bow ties made, I stamped my sentiment directly onto the card base. Because the card base is the Hemp texture I needed to repeat stamp it to get a good impression. I used my MISTI for this, but you can use any stamp positioner for this. If you don't think you can repeat stamp effectively you might have to stamp the sentiment on a slip of smooth card and adhere it to the card base.

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 4

Once this was stamped (and dry!) I used my work mat grid lines to help me position the card base straight, and then glued down the bow ties directly onto the card base.

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 5

That was the card completed then! The bow ties are a little fiddly to assemble, but other than that, a nice, simple and easy card to add to the stash for a mans birthday that is nice and striking and looks very effective. You could of course add as many layers to it as you wanted, but again, I like the clean and simple look of this one!

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 7

Nicole Bow Tiw Birthday 8

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Elizabeth England

04th February 2019 at 10:16 p.m.

Love the simplicity and effe ct I've card with the bow ties.

The other sample cards show what can be achieved with goodc quality cards etc.

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