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Posted on 31st January 2023 by Samantha Burrow
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Deb3 E10 D 3 Ddd 43 Ac Aadf 0 Ed5 F513 F8 F1

A58 Af7 E3 61 B1 4 F81 8 A26 Eb4 Fe47 Fd499

In a new canvas, insert a square shape from the Shapes panel. Resize to 2”x2” and duplicate so you have four in total. Change the colours to match your finished design.

E83 B6 A06 Df97 48 Ee 88 E8 997727 Bc293 E

Click on the Text option and type the word LOVE. This should default to the basic Cricut font, I would now increase the Letter Spacing to separate the letters, it’s not essential but will make the next steps easier to navigate. In the Action panel, select Ungroup and change the colours of the individual letters to match your design.

2 A65053 E B188 45 Dd 9101 2 A4 Bdc031 Ca6

Select all the letters and in Edit panel click Offset. Adjust the distance to 0.05 and un-click the weld offset option. You can also change the rounded corners to squared corners. Click done to insert the offset image.

3905 A509 42 B2 40 E0 9 Eb9 A15 Bd8 F0 C2 Ce

Change the colours of the offset letters to match your design. Select only the offset letters and repeat the above step for the final layer of letters. When done, change the colours of the final layer. Select the three ‘L’ images and group together as one unit. Repeat for the other letters, O V and E.

0 Bb004 A4 54 F4 4 Dff 8 Db2 573 F79 Aabee8

You can align the letters central to the square shapes to see if you want to adjust the size to suit your design.

52 C13 D78 F52 C 4 D52 8 Bda 7 F9752 B8 A8 E3

Select the whole lot of images and click Duplicate, change the colours to match the darker shades of pinks.

3250 E188 E7 A1 48 D9 A72 E 09144 Deeeac6

Another option to try is taking the design above and changing the shape size to 1”x1” and lining the L O V E letters horizontally with another alternating row underneath.

E9 Ed328 A D07 C 4 Ad9 A02 D 0 De48 D7 Ae03 C

When you are happy with your final design, click Make It and follow the on screen instructions to cut your shapes. Remembering the colours you selected correspond to your card colour and not the cutting mats.

Using glue or double sided tape, secure the three layers of each letter. I’ve used 3d foam pads to raise the letters up from the square shapes, and stuck the squares flats against the card blank. You could try raising the squares with the letters flat instead. There’s so many options for altering this design, it’s really versatile.

255 B6 Cde E793 4 E99 97 B8 7 F49 F6 E51419

3 Ca39126 E50 B 4 Ac6 9 E69 0 Cdde033573 F

Ed3 Ec20 B 568 F 4 Ffc 8 C15 Eb963208704 A


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