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Posted on 17th December 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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Begin by opening Cricut Design Space and creating a new project. On the canvas screen, insert two square shapes and resize them to fit your chosen card size. Change the colours to match your design.

For mine, I have used a Woodstock Verde 285gsm card blank in size 5” x 7”. For my two square shapes I went with sizes 4.8” x 6.8” and 4.6” x 6.6”.

Another option for picking your card panel sizes would be to insert one square and resize to the card blank size. Then use the Offset tool in the Edit panel to create smaller, perfectly sized shapes to layer the background.

Ff32 C87 D 349 C 4 D4 C 9 Bb6 8 Fb7 A8 C817 De

In the images panel, search for your chosen design. The design on this card is Image ID #M41E4FE44 - Reindeer Name Tag. Click Add to insert to your design.

953 Eb4 B3 561 A 492 B A1 F0 Fdee2295 F4 C9

Using the Layers panel, select the name only, as you can see from the image the default name is ‘Kingsley’. In the Edit Panel, click Font Name and pick out your preferred font. I chose ‘Belinda’ font because I wanted something cursive for the longer ‘Special Delivery’ sentiment I picked out.

4161 B2 A4 1608 464 D 8 A1 D Bec2 A523630 A

Double click on the name and you can change the wording to any name you like or a even different sentiment. You may need to adjust the font size, letter or line spacing to allow your wording to fit in the space.

C0 Cad090 4666 47 D1 A902 74 C4 Af37 A7 Ab

Select the name or wording again in the Layers Panel, and change the colour to match your front square panel. Now in the Action panel, click Combine. Select Weld and click Done. This will weld the characters together as one image.

E2728 Cec 1 B3 F 45 B3 9490 E2 A2239 E39 Fe

With the wording still selected, click Offset in the Edit panel. You can move the spot along the line to create a new image offset of the wording. If you move it to the right of the centre marker, you can create an external border image. Moving to the left, creates an internal offset. I went with a distance of 0.04” but you can have a play and see what works for your design. Click done to insert your offset image to your canvas.

D2580860 744 A 4 Ddf 8 F46 08270 D61 Ac67

Now select all the elements for the reindeer and the wording, including the new offset image. Click Group in the Action panel to keep them together. Resize the reindeer image to fit your card design. I wanted mine to be flush against the front green panel, so changed the width to 4.6”. Because you grouped the wording, offset and reindeer image they will all resize together and keep the layout as you wanted.

24 Ebaf16 3 F6 D 4 E07 9 Bec D710 C2301426

Insert another square image and adjust the size to fit neatly behind the two black lines which the reindeer is holding. I resized mine to 4.6” x 1.9”. Change to a dark green colour and send to behind the reindeer image.

C2 E0 E37 B B97 E 4 Cd0 A753 3 Dae0 E7895 B4

Take a moment now to check the colours of each element. I decided to match the dark brown elements with the back brown panel, so I had to choose the same shade of brown to ensure my Cricut kept those elements together in the cutting stage. Even being a shade off, the cricut will consider them as two different colours and won’t put them on the same mat.

Cc321 Ebf Ad4 E 4 D0 D 85 Fc 0 A7 C4 Cdf04 E3

This design is so versatile, you can adjust the position of the reindeer image higher or lower and add wording to really personalise the card. Why not try attaching a text element to the green square shape to include the baby’s name, weight and date and time of birth.

2 E342402 B463 486 C 911 C 71 E7 D1 F3 D912

When you are happy with your design, click Make It to move to the cutting stage. Remember here that the colour of your mats will correspond to your chosen card colour. A really simple design to complete, each element of the reindeer sits nicely inside a black background image so there’s no difficult lining up to do. Secure the dark green panel to the back of the reindeer and fix the sentiment or name to the front of that panel. I used double sided tape to secure the main background panels to my card blank and then 3D foam pads for the completed reindeer image to add depth.

8293 F403 12 B7 497 F A2 E5 30 A0600 C5776

4 Ece93 A0 1 E00 4 Aad A7 B8 C546426 D037 B


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