5 Little Ducks Party Masks & Bunting


Posted on 22nd September 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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First you need to create the basic duck face image on Cricut Design Space. There are a lot of duck options, but for this creation I wanted to try making my own design from scratch.

I started by drawing out a simple, but cute, duck face on my Procreate software. Using this software, I was able to save the image to my files in a high quality ‘.png’ format with the background removed. There are other software options available, or you can even scan or photograph your own hand drawn image.

64 Bca200 5712 442 A B650 697 C0756 D614

In Cricut Design Space open a new project and click the Upload button. Select your duck face image from your own photos or files.

C69 A94 E9 6865 49 F9 A89 C Befa25 D7 F9 F3

Using the tools at the bottom, you can remove areas of solid colour, backgrounds, or use the eraser to rub out unwanted lines. For this first upload, you will need to remove all the white areas, taking care around edges of the image.

B9294 D97 F36 B 4 F3 E 8 Cd6 226 A52 D40 Eb9

When you’ve removed the white areas of the duck head, click Apply and you will see two upload options, ‘Cut’ and ‘Print The Cut’. For this design, select Cut, give your image a name and click Upload.

F5 C79635 18 A0 4883 A9 Ac F4 A00 F1 D2 D8 B

Repeat the upload steps above, this time focusing on the beak. Using the Remove and Erase tools, remove all of the duck image except the whole beak.

Eeb01 E8 C 449 D 421 B 9482 43 C3 Ef6125 B7

Click Apply, select ‘Cut’ again, add a file name and click Upload.

21646058 08 Ef 4 F37 9 Ee0 A7 Cfe9 C86202

Repeat the upload steps a final time, this time focusing on the lighter orange areas of the beak. You can zoom in on the image to ensure all the lines are smoothed out when erasing.

12 Cd7862 17 Ef 4471 9 D28 64854 A692890

Click Apply, select ‘Cut’ again, add a file name and click Upload.

6 C5873 Ae 5196 4 B46 Acf9 61479 D928 D37

Back on the canvas screen, change the colours of each image shape to reflect your chosen card colours.

85 E423 Ec 631 B 4 Fce B908 Fc02 C299 Ad3 A

Duck Mask Instructions

To set up your image to make the duck masks, first click on the duck head image and duplicate so you have two identical head images. Align centrally to each other.

9 E99 Fdd3 6316 43 B9 91 Df C9117614 B34 E

With the top head image selected, change the colour to white. Then in the Action Panel click Contour. Remove the larger outline line of the head and also the two smaller eye circles in each eye.

394 C8 Eb8 Ac1 E 4 B24 91 B9 Dd2 B8 F2 A33 Da

Now select the bottom head image and click Contour again. This time remove the outer eye outline and the two smaller circles in each eye.

9 E371491 Bda8 4 E84 A819 Da80 C6302981

Line the two beak images together and then position them on the head. Select the four images together and in the Action Panel click Group. You can now resize the whole image to fit your child’s face. I personally set mine to a width of 6.5” for a two-year old child.

953 A18 Cd 0 Ef6 4078 A26 C D11 Cdc711859

Duck Bunting Instructions

To create matching bunting, click Upload and select ‘Open Uploaded Images’. Select the three duck mask images and click Add.

Change the colours of the images as above, this time duplicate the main head image so you have three. Colour one black, one white and one yellow.

12061750 45 Ee 4 D84 Be87 515727 D68 Fc4

Select all three head images and align centrally to each other. Click on the black head image and in the Action Panel, click Contour. Remove the main head outline and the outer outline of the eyes.

6 Ed5537 A 0 D91 4 E0 D A447 0406 B1 B1 C154

Click on the white head image and click Contour again. Remove the main head outline and all the smaller circles in both eyes.

F6733 B43 389 A 40 F4 89 E2 E470 Fe7 C0853

Click on the yellow head image and click Contour again. This time remove all outlines except the main head.

Ca29 Da98 C340 444 B 8352 Ba57 Da1 E9 F62

Line the two beak images together and then position them on the head. Select the four images together and in the action panel click Group.

7 Ca7531 C 5 Fc5 4188 B262 9 F3080 F1 Ca8 C

Change the size of the duck head to a width of 3.0”. Insert a triangle shape, rotate 180° and resize to 4.0” x 5.0”. Change the colour to match the main duck head.

Bf50304 D 15 Fd 442 F B812 D20 C763 B93 Ec

Click on the triangle and in the Edit Panel, click Offset. Change the distance to -0.2” and corners to sharp (not rounded), then click done.

47 F9 Cdbf C55 F 454 C 9 F8 F 78 B30 D67 Ca07

This will create a perfectly smaller inner triangle shape. Change this new triangle to the dark orange colour of the duck’s beak.

7 B5 Bfc07 0 C46 4 Cd0 8190 85 D5579 Cf826

Insert a circle shape, resize to 0.2” and duplicate. Line up the two circles level with each other but around 2.5” apart. Select them both together an in the Action Panel, click Weld.

336483 F3 07 E4 48 Fa 9 Ec8 0 F671 A0 B4 Ee8

Duplicate the welded circles so you have two sets and align them centrally to each other. With both sets selected, line them up approximately 0.15” down from the top of the orange triangle.

3 A2 E1 E5 A 72 Bb 4913 8 D2 E 1 B12527176 Ab

Select the yellow triangle and one set of welded circles together and in the Action Panel, click Slice. Repeat this with the orange triangle and the other welded circles image. Delete all the sliced circles until you only have the two triangles left, which should both have perfectly aligned holes. Group the two triangle images together.

0 D31 A078 Bd05 40 C8 96 Ec 77 Cf2123 A418

You can now click Make It and follow the on screen instructions to cut your design shapes. In the first screen you can change the project copies to the number of bunting flags or masks you need.

When your images are cut, use glue or doubled sided tape to fix the pieces together. You could also cut some lettering for your bunting to create decorative announcements.

8 C2 E1 Cb1 9187 4435 B643 146 Cd011 Cc6 C

Be9817 A2 3902 4953 B321 5 C753 D7 D54 D7

118 D19 D1 1483 43 B9 A8 C2 9522362 F3 B1 F

73 Fcedde 608 E 4835 80 B5 B09 Ec2 E8 E428


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