Cricut Camera Box 3D Project


Posted on 18th September 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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Whilst scrolling through paper and card craft projects in Cricut Design Space, I stumbled across this fun little project. If you type Camera Box into the search bar it should come up, or alternatively follow this link:

60 C5 D445 775 B 456 E 83 Ea 9 D8676163708

35 A4 D0 C3 4 E21 492 E 8 Ecf 24 B69494 A8 D6

I’ve used the Papermill Direct range of Nettuno Linen Effect Card because it’s strong and durable, folds well and comes in a range of colours. Plus it’s fun to change the direction of the linen grain for the different elements.

6 Bb7683 F F27 C 4 E65 Bdb2 Baa97 Ba7 Bcc3

C927 A6 C6 F00 C 4 E0 E B52 B 7 Dbb19 Bf3 F5 E

If you want to adjust the size of the template, click customise before make it. The whole template is grouped together, so when you adjust the size you can be confident all the elements will still fit together. You can also create duplicates if you wanted to make a few in different colours in one session. You can also use Save As to save your version of this project to your own project files.

F4 D1 C9 F9 F30 D 45 Ca Ab15 4 Bdc528 B2 C42

88183 E26 1 C2 A 44 F4 9 A29 F0100 Af9 D432

Click Make It when you’re happy with your project, and follow the on screen instructions to complete the cut. Remember, the mat colours will correspond to your chosen card colours.

4 Fb58828 Ecbf 46 Bf A1 B9 2798 E061 D356

To stick this project, I found double sided tape and the strength of the Nettuno card did make adhering a little challenging, even using tape on both sides of the two pieces. You can get heavy duty double sided tape, or I found the Sailor 2-in-1 glue pen held the shape together well.

The project does come with instructions on how to complete the camera box, they’re a little hard to follow, so I found it easier to fold the pieces and assemble it without sticking first to see how it all fit together. Once you’re confident with the finished piece, glue all the sizes together EXCEPT the panel with the slit in it. This one doesn’t stick, it opens and closes like a box for you to put your concertina photo panel inside.

5965 C998 C9 E4 4355 A018 51 Fc6 A05775 C

Ce72 E8 Ac 6603 4 Ea7 Bfe4 46 E71 D8560 Ea

7905794 F 5 F0 E 4578 8754 33 Dcf9 D786 F9

E985 C80 B 364 A 431 B A663 18 A304 Eb24 Bb


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