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Posted on 13th June 2024 by Nicole Mullen
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Every year, Father's Day is a great time to take stock of everything your dad provides to your family's life and to find something to help show those loving feelings to them. While bought gifts are always welcome, by adding a handmade card, you show an extra level of care that is never present with a store-bought card.

We at Papermill are eagerly looking forward to gifting and receiving such cards soon, and we have decided to share below a lovely homemade Father's Day card idea to help inspire you and show your fathers the love you have for them.

Father bike 1

Picking the Best Theme

'Best Dad Ever' is a classic theme to go with, and you'll find it on many wonderful gifts and cards, but we feel that, on its own, will seem a little bland. Fortunately, there are better ways to get the same sentiment across.

Take the time to think of things that are unique to your father. For example, for a dad who makes everyone laugh, a funny theme featuring funny quotes or cartoons can bring a smile to his face. If your father has a specific hobby or interest, such as gardening, fishing, or sports, incorporating elements of these activities can create a personalised and thoughtful design. For our guide today, however, we'd like to focus on a Father's Day card themed for a fan of motorbikes.

Craft Guide for Motorbike Card

Like any great craft project, you need your passion for the project and the highest quality card-making supplies to succeed. Fortunately, you'll already have half of that by bringing the love of your parent to the table, but what else do you need for our card guide today? Here are the supplies you'll need to follow our guide but feel free to follow any inspiration you might have and adapt your choices as you see fit.

Once you have your card, paper, and inks, follow the instructions below. Nicole Mullen submitted this design and the instructions below.

I started off by creating a blended skyline and grassy ground with my Distress Oxide inks.

Motorbike Fathers Day Card Nm 1

I cut a circle frame from the woodgrain paper and placed this over the 'scene'. Using the hammered white card for the scene gave some great texture and made the sky and grass look more dimensional.

Motorbike Fathers Day Card Nm 2

Motorbike Fathers Day Card Nm 3

I stamped my motorbike onto the scene, making sure that it looked grounded and not floating in the sky!

Motorbike Fathers Day Card Nm 4

I then created a banner using letter stamps. I don't have any Father's Day stamps, but these alphabet stamps work well as they give a good rustic feel against the woodgrain paper!

Motorbike Fathers Day Card Nm 5

I added the banner with foam tape and glue and added some turquoise dots, too, to bring it all together.

Motorbike Fathers Day Card Nm 7

The card turned out nice and simple but fun and eye-catching. It's the perfect card for Father's Day!

Motorbike Fathers Day Card Nm 6

Alternate Father's Day Card Themes

If your dad isn't fond of motorbikes, however, don't worry; we have plenty of other creative ideas and projects in our craft blog, which we regularly update with new designs and easy-to-follow guides. Here are some of our other favourites submitted to us; we recommend exploring these for more inspiration for this or other cards in future years.

Why Are Handmade Cards so Popular?

Handmade cards are so popular for parental-themed holidays because they are a deeply personal way to show love and appreciation creatively.

Even if you follow the provided guide exactly, yours will still be unique, and if you are feeling adventurous, you can change aspects to suit your father's tastes even more. For example, perhaps he owns a different model bike, or he prefers cars or boats instead.

The time and effort you put into something like this comes through to the receiver and helps get across those feelings that we sometimes don't know how to share verbally. So whether you, the reader, are planning on making a card or you want to help a loved one make theirs, by following this guide, we know you'll make something that will be treasured by the person you gift it to.

Father bike 2

Father's Day Craft Card Materials Available Online

Creating personalised cards for your parents is a great way to personalise your feelings and provide a memorable accompaniment to any other gifts or events you have planned for the day. At Papermill, we stock a broad catalogue of card making supplies, including:

For those uncertain about the arts and crafts supplies required to bring their creative card designs to life, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect supplies for your handmade card projects.

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