When to Send Save the Dates and Other Wedding Etiquette


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Now that 2017 is behind us and the new year has rolled around, many people are now starting the ‘big push’ when it comes to wedding planning – especially for those getting hitched in 2018 or early 2019.

 Planning a wedding is an exciting milestone in most couple’s lives, but there’s so much to do before the big day (and so many elements that need to come together) that it can often be a bit daunting too!

Below, we’re taking a look at when is the right time to send save the dates and other wedding etiquette that people have come to expect.


Save the Dates

One of the most important things to do when you’re planning your special day is to send out the wedding stationery. Guests expect to receive invitations, so they need to be carefully thought-out. It’s not just their appearance that matters, but also when to send them out to people.

Doing it too late may mean that your guests have made prior arrangements and won’t have time to request time off work, book accommodation or arrange childcare, for example.

While there’s no specific formula to follow, you might still want to consider sending out your save-the-date cards at least 6 months to a year before the wedding – this way, your guests will be able to add it to their diaries and make all the arrangements they need in order to attend your wedding, as save-the-date card include date and location.

So, what should you include in your invitations? This will depend, as the choice falls with the bride and groom, but the more information you have, the more it makes everyone’s lives easier. For instance, you can include:

  • Location of the ceremony and the reception
  • Time, date, month, and year of the wedding day
  • Names of the soon-to-be-wed couple, as well as the parents
  • Dress code, if you wish
  • Whether or not to bring plus ones
  • The RSVP deadline, ready printed to be returned in a pre-addressed envelope.
  • Accommodation and transport details

Wedding Favours

Something that’s common to many weddings is wedding favours; does this mean you also need to provide them? Favours are typically a way to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who attended your wedding and this gesture of appreciation is often given during the ceremony or reception.

Tulips With Card

The first wedding favours are believed to have been bonbonnieres, little boxes made of crystal, porcelain or precious stones filled with confections or sugar cubes.

However, many couples admit to being unsure if they should participate in this tradition or leave it out of their wedding entirely. If your budget doesn’t allow it or you simply don’t see the need for it, there’s nothing wrong with not doing wedding favours.

If you wish to have them but would prefer something a little more meaningful, why not do them yourself? We have many card making supplies that can help you to create beautiful wedding favours that will show your gratitude to your guests!

Gift List

If you’re thinking about your wedding gift list, you are likely also considering what is the proper etiquette surrounding it. You can include a separate card with your invitation with the details of your gift list, which can include items from every price range.

Although some couple might feel uncomfortable asking for things because they don’t want their guests to feel obligated to buy them a gift, the truth is that most guests will end up gifting something anyway, and a list can prevent you from ending up with ten toasters!

If you would prefer cash but are hesitant to say it, you could create a well-worded and appropriate poem that can be used where you would like a cash donation. You could also phrase it in your card as a ‘donation towards home improvement’ or ‘towards honeymoon’, for example.

After all, the cash will be going to a specific project, which can also make you feel better about asking.

Choosing Bridesmaids

Another thing to consider when starting to plan your wedding this year is picking your bridesmaids. This is a crucial decision that should be done sooner rather than later – so, the best time to invite people is at the beginning of your planning!

After all, this allows the necessary time to pick out bridesmaids’ dresses (and adjust them) and, of course, prevents assumptions from being made too.

Typically, bridesmaids are close family members or friends, so why not invite them to stand with you at your wedding with a gorgeous handmade card they will, no doubt cherish forever?

Bridesmaids Pink I Stock 000066847529 Small

4 updates availableIn the end, no matter the etiquette, the special day is yours, so it’s up to you to make certain decisions that may be traditional or unconventional. At Papermilldirect, you can expect a wide variety of paper and card, such as pearlised card, as well as craft supplies, that can help you to create lovely invitations and cards for the lucky guests.

So, get your save the dates sent in time by buying your A4 Pick & Mix Box today and don’t hesitate to fill out our online form or talk to us on 01539 735252 to enquire about our products, and we’ll be delighted to help!


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