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We are always fascinated by what our paper and card is transformed into once it leaves the mill! Customer Emma Tysoe of PaperGifts, uses our pearlised white paper for the wedding dresses in her unique 1st wedding anniversary gifts. Perfect origami replicas of your wedding outfit! We asked Emma if she would tell us a little about her papercrafting business.

How did you start your unique papercrafting business, have you come up against any difficulties? It started by accident. I created a help website called Origami 4 You in 1996, www.origami4you.me.uk and have a gallery page where people could see what I folded and then they started asking if I'd make and sell to them. I've sold various items and even done commissions for large companies. My only difficulty is getting permission to make and sell the models as in the origami world it is polite to ask the designer permission and the designer for the famous Kawasaki Rose hasn't given permission so I'm only able to make for friends

. A4 Poster Paper Gifts First Wedding Anniversary

Where did you learn your origami skills? When I was at Comprehensive school around 1988 the art teacher taught us how to make a paper cup. I'd won an award at school and we had to buy an educational book, so I choose an origami book by Paul Jackson and taught myself origami. Once the internet came along I found more diagrams to fold and make various models. Your origami wedding outfits make great 1st anniversary gifts, what's the most unusual design you have created?

I've created quite a few unusual designs, all my photos are on Flickr - Origami4you. My favourite designs are this RAF Uniform and these Japanese wedding outfits.
Very rare that the groom's outfit takes longer to make than the bride's ! #RAF #Uniform

Japanese wedding outfits #origami #anniversary

I also like the new ones I've just uploaded to Flickr for an Indian Wedding, the client wanted all 4 outfits that they wore. The blue velvet suit was so nice to copy.

All 4 outfits together

Where else can we find your work online? As my work is visual I've uploaded my images to Pinterest and Flickr so google picks them up and have listed my work on etsy, folksy & misi. I've also got a blog - though need to blog more :)

We'd love to hear about your papercraft business? What do you make with our paper and card, let us know by email and we may feature your business here on our blog! Take a look at our tips for selling your papercrafts series for help with on and offline marketing.

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Uta Himmel

06th August 2014 at 5:58 pm

This is absolutly beautiful. I feel so inspired.

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