The Correct Way to Address an Envelope


Posted on 1st June 2018 by Emily
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Addressing an envelope correctly helps you to ensure that your letter, card or marketing materials gets to its intended recipients address first time. Mail which is not addressed correctly may take longer to get to the recipient and can also be returned to the sender. It's important to put the intended recipients addresses in the correct places on the envelope.

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The name and address of your recipient need to be left align, do not centre or stagger your address lines, there should be a generous margin around the address. Avoid using commas or full stops within addresses and place the correct postage on the top right-hand side of the envelope. You do not need to include a county name, if the post town and postcode are used.

Below is how you should write an address on an envelope:

  • Line One: Addressee’s Name
  • Line Two: Number and Street Name
  • Line Three: Locality Name
  • Line Four: Postal Town
  • Line Five: Post Code (In Capitals)

If you want to make sure your post can get back to you, don’t forget to include your UK return address on each item. Items that cannot be delivered will be returned to you. This can be places in the top left-hand corner of the envelope or on the reverse near the envelope seal.

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