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Posted on 7th February 2017 by STACEY BONE
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Hi everyone its Stacey,

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I would craft a sweet hanging decoration for a loved one.  Please see my step-by-step guide below to create your own cloud mobile.

Materials used:

Img 2582

I uploaded my cutting file and began cutting on the machines setting for card. Top tip - it's always good to double up on your cut.

Img 2586

Img 2584

Img 2585

I bought my craft punch from Hobbycraft for £4 but if you hurry, they've got them on sale for £2!

Img 2588

When all your hearts and clouds are cut, you can begin to assemble them to the wire. I cut three different lengths of wire for hanging. 

Img 2589

Img 2590

When you've glued all your hearts and clouds to the wire, you can secure each hanging strip using your hot glue gun again, to the inside of the cloud. You'll need to cut a rectangular strip of card to sit behind the front cloud to make the writing pop. Take a piece of ribbon of your desired length and glue to back of cloud creating a loop. To hide all the gluing and backing paper, you'll need to attach another cloud on the reverse. Hey presto, a lovely hanging decoration.

Img 2597

Img 2599

Img 2600

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