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Posted on 15th October 2022 by Samantha Burrow
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1. Open Cricut Design Space and start by inserting image ID M43F1B, small car image. In the Layers Panel un-hide all the elements of the image. In the Action Panel click ungroup to separate all the elements of the image.

Change the colour of the car front to your chosen car colour, keeping the other two elements grey and black.

719 B5541 122 A 40 E0 Bf0 F C8461 B4 Cc43 B

2. Create a duplicate of the grey car element, change the colour to a lighter grey and in the Action Panel click Contour. Remove the car outline so you are left with just the window.

85760259 D899 4234 984 C Fe927 E05 Efc7

3. Create a duplicate of the black car element and click Contour. Remove the window outline so you are left with a solid car shape.

87 E31 A86 3 B4 E 4569 8402 873 F5 Ef5 E464

4. Now you might want to reorder the five car elements so you can see how they will fit together.

Ccd9 Eb6 E 2 Df7 4 Bf0 A24 C B859 Cabd625 B

5. To make the little L and P plates insert a rounded corner square. Change the colour to white, adjust to your chosen size.

Cd93 Ac28 D32 B 4735 81 F0 9075 Cb3831 E9

6. In the Edit Panel, click Offset and using a distance of 0.1”, change the colour of the new offset shape to black.

9365 F103 A71 B 4 B9 D Be6 A 12 Ce0 B958 D08

7. Select both rounded squares together and create a duplicate so you have two in total.

63365 B24 A234 4475 967 E C502 D4 C9 A92 F

8. Click the text function and type “L P”, change the font to Bank Gothic Std Light. Click offset again, using a distance of 0.2 with squared corners.

A8 F0 F072 96 D0 4 Fe2 8 C95 6 Bf6 E19 C2 A7 C

9. Delete the original text and change the “L” colour to red and the “P” to green. Adjust the size to fit inside the rounded squares.

1 F238 Dfb Aaca 4 Bba B01 B 2 E40 A0 F6241 D

If you want to create a “torn L plate” look, you need to slice the L Plate shapes with a torn paper image. This is a little extra detailed work but worth it for the effect of those torn learner plates. Delete the black rounded square, you will recreate this later when the white rounded square has been “torn”.

10. Start with inserting image ID M45E16, a ripped out page image. With the image selected, click on contour and remove the holes.

7809 A31 A F1 F2 4 Ca0 841 E 662 D53 Cbbe57

11. Place the image over the L Plate and rotate to your desired angle. Create a duplicate of the ripped out page image and align them central to each over.

125 Cf261 E8 F5 483 D A9 Ba 05 Fc7 E1 Ce8 B1

12. Duplicate the L image, with that selected and one of the ripped out page images, click slice from the Action Panel. Delete the sliced images except for the one with the back of the L. Click on contour to remove the end of this L image.

2053 F643 B359 4 C71 A090 Fb2 A422 B2682

13. Select the two L images (one is half of the original L, the other is a whole L). Click slice again and delete the excess slices so you have two halves of your L remaining.

6 F1 E2 Ba4 5 F69 4781 8 Fd4 77 D899532627

14. Now you need to repeat those steps (10-13) for the white rounded square.

Duplicate the white rounded square.

Select one square image and the remaining ripped out page together and slice.

Delete all the slices except the torn white square. Select contour and remove the right hand half of the shape.

Select the half white square and the original white square together and click slice. Delete the excess slices, leaving the two halves of the rounded plate.

15. Click on the left side of the torn white square and click offset. Using a distance of 0.1” and rounded corners, click done to create the offset. Repeat this step for the right side of the torn white square.

Ce675400 9426 48 B9 8378 Eb7806 D47608

16. Change the offset image to black and adjust the order of your pieces so you can see the L on the front.

4 E94 A792 24 Ee 4026 9 B0 A Fcfaaccc7 C77

17. When you’re happy with your design and layout, click make it to move to the cutting stage. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the cut.

Stick the white squares to the black rounded squares and stick the L and P on top. Then stick the car pieces together in this order:

Red Car
Grey Car
Black Car
Black Car (solid)

A1579 Fb9 Ec1 C 47 D6 A31 C 405 A1 Eb9 Fe17

  1. Using a hot glue gun or strong adhesive tape, stick the car and plates to the wooden sticks and push down into your cake.

F24 Ec21 B Ffcd 4779 9 Ee0 819647845012

Aeedf761 74 E1 45 De 939 F Ebbe7 Add841 D


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