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Our wedding stationery business advice series has been very popular and we regularly receive emails asking for any help and tips for crafters to make the leap into setting up a stationery business for themselves. We thought you'd all be interested to hear from people who have made that leap and set up a full or part time wedding stationery business.  

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This week we meet wedding stationer Ann Grundy of 


Handmade Wedding Stationery Uk

Rustic Wedding Invitation Design

How and when did you start making wedding stationery? 

I officially started/set up my business in October 2016, but have been making special occasion stationery for friends and family for some time.  I have been a paper crafter for many years and it was through card making that I took commissions and orders to cover special events.  

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What have you found most challenging about running the business so far?

I am still in the early stages of my business with very little experience on promoting myself without a huge advertising budget, this has been the hardest and most challenging part.  I have my website, and facebook page, but getting your name out there and promoting what you can do is expensive for any business just starting out.   I have done a couple of local Wedding fayres, and intend to do a more.  I feel this is the best way to engage with potential customer's and I believe that being able to see and feel the quality of the product is invaluable in promoting what I do.

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Where do you take inspiration for your designs?

As a paper crafter, inspiration  can come from the products that I am working with, but it can also come out of the blue, and from where you least expect.    I remember getting inspiration for one of my designs from a wine bottle label!  I like both classic and traditional styles, as well as some of the contemporary styles that are trending.    Customer's also have there own thoughts on design and I have previously worked with them achieve what they are looking for and bring their ideas to life. 

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Do you have a favourite style/trend at the moment?

I love the rustic simple look, especially when teamed up with brush calligraphy.  I am currently learning how to brush letter, and hope to incorporate this into my designs in the future.  Definitely a work in progress!

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What tips would you give to a couple planning on making their own wedding stationery? 

I have a couple of tips for couples planning on making their own wedding stationery.  The first is the quality of the products to work with.  Cardstock and paper being your starting point.  Having the best quality products really does make all the difference with the look and feel to your stationery.  The second tip would be to keep the design simple.  Less is definitely more, when you need to produce quality stationery consistently.  You should be able to enjoy the process of making your own stationery, without getting stressed and thinking you have "bitten off more than you can chew"!

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