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Posted on 22nd June 2018 by Emily
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My name is Samar Asamoah and I am a mixed media artist living in Newcastle upon Tyne. I paint close up images of flowers in oil paints. Recently I have been using A1 White card Hopsack from Papermilldirect to paint on. I chose this paper because I loved the feel of the smooth soft grained texture. I feel that the paint holds really well to it.

I became obsessed with painting flowers last year. I'm really just trying to improve my painting and develop my style. I started painting on board and canvas but quickly started to run out of space so I started to look for paper that would be suitable for oils.

My inspiration for painting flowers was the artist Georgia O'Keefe as well as my love for flowers and nature. With my paintings I'm trying to capture not just the beauty of a flower but a personality and an emotion.

If you would like to see more of Samar's work visit

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