How to Make Shaped Cards the Easy Way


Posted on 3rd April 2015 by Lisa Sumpter
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Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards

Hello! It's Lisa here and I'm going to show you a very easy way to make shaped cards.

You can apply this technique to any shape you like and your cards will stand up without wobbling.

I have three examples to show you, all different shapes but they all stand nicely.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  A

So first up is the flower card. The steps are the same for each card. You can find the list of materials I used to make these at the end of the post.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  A1

Firstly, once you've decided which shape you want you card to be, you'll need to cut the shape out twice. I've used digital clip art to make my cards which is why one shows the flower and one is blank.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  A2

Next, score the shape which is going to be the back of your card, so for my flower card, I've scored the white flower shape.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  A3

And then add some adhesive above the score line and attach to the back of the shape which is going to be the front of your card.

That's it. Your card will now stand up. The little score line adds stability to the whole card like magic.

You can now decorate your card as you please smile

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Card  B

For the Wellington Boot card the process is exactly the same. Cut your shape twice, add a score line, glue above it. Attach the back to the card front and your card will stand up.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  Ba

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  C

And lastly for the Sunshine card.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  C1

Cut your shape twice.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  C2

Score a line on the shape that is to form the back of your card.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  C3

Add glue above the score line and attach to your card front shape and it will stand.

Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards  C4


Lisa  Spring  Shaped  Cards

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3 thoughts on “How to Make Shaped Cards the Easy Way”

Joann McCray-Johnson

28th April 2018 at 10:28 pm

Hi My name is Joann and unfortunately I do not have a website. The shape cards are beautiful. After reading the instructions everything appears very clear with the exception of the scoring. If I read correctly you stated to score on side of the card. I am assuming the scoring and glue will bring the card together. However, in my minds eye the front of the card would be shorter then the back making it difficult to stand because only one side is scored. Please provide some clarity. Thanks!


09th April 2015 at 10:27 am

Thank you for these ideas. Your photographs and very clear instructions give even me a very amateur card-maker some inspirations to get going..


09th April 2015 at 10:00 am

Although the instructions were good I, personally would wish for a little more detail, especially for the boot. I'm not sure where to score and another photo of that score line would make the instructions better. The cards are beautiful but a little more detailed instructions for beginners, please.

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