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Posted on 1st January 2024 by Danielle Bigland
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Happy New Year everyone!

Personally, new year is my least favourite time of the year. (honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas either!)

However, I did manage a few cards to give out to those that do appreciate new year. Including this sparkly number (New Years is all about the sparkle, right?!)

So, in a few steps, I'll talk you through how I made it...

Dani happy new year final

I had a stitched frame die that I wanted to use, just to give the card some subtle detail as I intended for the outcome to be quite minimalist. The largest die in the set fits a US A2 card front (4.25" x 5.5") with just a mm or 2 spare so I based my card around these measurements.

I used the largest die in the set to cut a panel of card from Perla Sirio 290. I also made a US A2 card from the same card stock.

I then prepped a silver panel which when positioned, would create a fine silver border around my grey panel.

Now, I'm extremely frugal with my craft Stash, particularly my card and really dislike wastage. Does that mean I have boxes of scraps and offcuts sitting around my craft room? Yes, yes it does. I'll use them 'one day'. (that's what we all say right?!)

So, 'fancy' card is no exception and it seems a huge waste to cover most of this silver card up withy grey panel. Therefore, I tend to 'hollow' out the centres leaving just the frame. The frame is what I'll use for the border. The centre I'll use in a moment for the letters (or, would otherwise go away for use in a future project.)

Dani happy new year step 1

I now have a card blank, a silver border approx 1 mm smaller around each edge and a grey panel, approx 1 mm smaller than the silver border around each edge.

I stuck all of these down using wet adhesive.

Dani happy new year step 2

I now moved into my letters.

I cut the words 'Happy New Year! ' out using my alpha dies.

I lined them up so that there was equal spacing between the top row and the bottom row, the sides and each letter.

When I was happy with the spacing, I brought in my T ruler. This ensures each letter is straight. Then, I attached each letter with wet adhesive.

I'm not sure what happened, but despite placement prior to adhering, I really cut it fine for space in the top row for the left hand side. As such, the spacing on either side of the top row is unequal and rather annoying!

Dani happy new year step 3

That was really it for this card.

I could have dressed it up a little but I rather liked the simplicity of it. Plus, I feel that when using Glitter on a card, that alone is a big enough statement.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Until next time, take care.

Love, Dani xx

Dani happy new year final


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