Create a Calendar Part 2


Posted on 14th November 2017 by Nicole Mullen
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Hi all,

Nicole here to share my next pages from the 2018 Create a Calendar that I am currently decorating. I am having so much fun with this and really enjoying how much of a challenge it is to find a simple representative of each month, and illustrate that idea using card alone! In my previous post I did January to March, so now I will show you April to June. I am doing them 3 months at a time, so it is a good manageable amount to do in a few hours in the craft room.

Firstly April. For this one Apil Showers came to mind. Sun, clouds, blue skies and rain, all at the same time, can it get more April than that? For this month I used:

Nicole 2018 Calendar April1

Nicole 2018 Calendar April2

For May I thought of the lambs you start to see in the fields. For this one I used:

Nicole 2018 Calendar May1

Nicole 2018 Calendar May2

For June then I thought of the beginning of summer ad for me that always means lots of lovely fruit - particularly watermelon! So for this one I used:

Nicole 2018 Calendar June1

Nicole 2018 Calendar June2

I hope you enjoyed these and get inspired to create your own calendar using the papermilldirect Create a Calendar. Share your work with us and let us see what you do!

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