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Posted on 18th June 2024 by Papermill Direct
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Happy birthday big cake topper topper

We love any excuse to cut card and celebrate so why not create some Birthday cake toppers!

Our Premium Cocktail Card is only available whilst stock lasts so we wanted to show you just how beautiful this card is before the opportunity to grab some for yourself is gone!
Cocktail Card Used:

Mojito Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm

Purple Rain Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm

Daiquiri Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm

Blue Angel Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm

Curacao Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm

Mai Tai Cocktail Double Sided Card - SOLD OUT - We used Aurum Sirio Pearl Double Sided Card 300gsm as a replacement.

Also available in Cocktail Card
Blue Moon Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm

Cuba Libre Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm

Dorian Gray Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm

Gin Fizz Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm - Only A4 or smaller available

Cocktail card samples image

Large Cake Topper

I started by creating my design on Silhouette and choosing a font that I thought would cut well. I used the font tool with the sliding scales to change how close I wanted the character spacings and line spacings

Silhoutte 1 CC E

Once I was happy with how close the character spacing and line spacing was, I selected my 'Happy', copied it, welded the image and put the copy to one side. Then I placed one Happy with the Birthday and positioned it in a way I liked, I selected both pieces of text and right-clicked. I then chose the welding option which turned my text into one object and melded and cut lines that were overlapping.

Silhouette 2 CC E

I used the offset tool to create background layers for my cake topper.
I originally planned on only creating two but I struggled to choose between which Cocktail Card to use so I ended up adding a few more.

Cocktail card silhouette offset

Hap birthday cut out

Once everything was cut out it was pretty straightforward putting it together. I added some small 3d squares to the back of each piece then pressed them together.

Cocktail card happy stickers

Cocktail card happy birthday

I used a paper straw for my stick which I attached to the back of my Cake Topper with double-sided tape. I then added an offcut piece of Mojito Cocktail Double Sided Pearl Card 290gsm to cover the stick
If I had planned better I think I would have cut two of the Mojito backing card so it would be seamless from the behind.

Big topper back cover

Big cake topper close uo

Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake topper close up

Once I had finished my big cake topper I started with the cupcake toppers.
I found an image online of balloons and used the trace tool on this image

I then created a circle around this trace image.
I decided I was going to use three layers of card that would show off the colours of the balloons.
Base Layer - Circle
Second/ Middle Layer - Circle and one Balloon
Third/ Top layer - Circle and two balloons

Cuppcake toppers silhouette layers

I cut three of each of my layers in every colour of Cocktail Card I had, this way I would end up with a large mix of different cupcake toppers that I could pair in different ways.
Once my pieces were cut out I paired them up and cleaned up any cuts that weren't as neat as I wanted

Cupcake cocktail toppers

I then added a cocktail stick to the base layer using double-sided tape. I then attached each layer using small 3d double-sided squares.

Cupcake topper cockatil card stick

Cupcake topper close up

That's all folks!

Thank you for joining us and I hope I've inspired you to try creating your own cake toppers!

Happy birthday big cake topper topper


2 thoughts on “Cocktail Card Cake Toppers”

Papermill Direct

02nd July 2024 at 11:38 a.m.

Hello Tracey,

I will update the blog to make this clearer but the Silhouette referred to is the cutting machine we used to create this cake topper.

Here is a link to the machines website:

This machine comes with its own software, called Silhouette Studio, that allowed us to create all aspects of the cake topper apart from the balloon images which were found on a free image site and traced using the software available on Silhouette Studio.

Tracey Sutton

20th June 2024 at 11:06 p.m.

Hi, I make greeting cards using your card and am interested in the birthday design using the Cocktail card. Can you tell me what Silhouette is and what cutting machine is used - i have neither of these to make the designs.

Thank you.

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